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Peggy Noonan: Conservatives are secretly delighted that I am slamming Romney


Those of us who remember Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan’s paean to Barack Obama in 2008 weren’t surprised to see her bashing the Romney campaign in 2012. We were a bit surprised, however, when Noonan claimed she was receiving private messages of support from conservatives. Via Mediaite:

Bob Schieffer asked Noonan if she had received any blowback from conservatives for her candid and unflattering assessment of the state of the Romney campaign.

“Of course not,” Noonan said coyly to the laughs of her fellow panelists.

“There was a lot of formal, official and public blowback from the Romney campaign, Romney surrogates, et cetera,” said Noonan. “What was interesting to me [however] was that privately the constant communication I got was, ‘Thank you for saying that.’ ”

Noonan also claimed that there’s “very broad feeling that the Romney campaign needed to be woken up and I’m here to help.”

Who are these mysterious conservative Republicans who are quietly praising Peggy Noonan’s anti-Romney missives? One thing is for sure: they can’t be found anywhere on Twitter:

.@peggynoonannyc I've never thought of a woman as pompous before. Seems like a criticism reserved for men. But in your case…

— rdbrewer (@rdbrewer4) September 24, 2012

@Peggynoonannyc one word for you- RINO!

— JRLittle (@JRLittlejohn) September 24, 2012

@60Minutes: @Peggynoonannyc doesn't speak for conservatives. She speaks for @BarackObama. Same with @weeklystandard's Bill Kristol. #tcot

— Carol Vicic (@CarolVicic) September 24, 2012

@peggynoonannyc why do we have to follow your opinion, you are doing what journalists did to McCain, stop it, stop it now #RomneyRyan2012

— RedInIllinois (@RedinIllinois) September 23, 2012

@Peggynoonannyc The Romney campaign is winning. only those in DC are blind http://t.co/NTozgJsM

— Northern Light (@reddogsa) September 23, 2012

@Peggynoonannyc Have you been held hostage in a dem basement and given Obama kool-aid intravenously? My gosh woman! Stop!

— juliebean (@juliagulia614) September 23, 2012

Peggy is the kind of person who would put a finger in the wind before dumping a bottle of urine on you to put out the fire. @peggynoonannyc

— rdbrewer (@rdbrewer4) September 23, 2012

@rdbrewer4 problem is @peggynoonannyc is sheltered by the MSM, she ignores critics and can't be confronted

— Joel (@CommodoreBTC) September 23, 2012

@Sarah_Boxer @Peggynoonannyc Hey Peg Go Back under the Rock that you live under and Please Keep your Fuckin Ignorance to Yourself

— Edward W. White (@lateeddie) September 23, 2012

@FaceTheNation @Peggynoonannyc What a self-agrandizing comment! W/friends like her, who needs enemies??

— ✨21 CLUB 4 LEADERS✨ (@ACE_CHEERS2U) September 23, 2012

When does #DavidBrooks lose the "conservative" label? When he votes Dem two prez elections in a row? Ditto #Peggy 'it's over' Noonan?

— Serenity Haiku (@SerenityHaiku) September 24, 2012

Mitt will win in spite of MSM and our own so called conservatives like Peggy Noonan and Bill Crystal criticizing his campaign.

— Ron Scanlon (@rscan33) September 24, 2012

Why is what Peggy Noonan says any more important than what I say? I think she needs to keep her big mouth shut about Romney! #tcot

— Beulah Garrett (@beulahgg) September 24, 2012

When Dowd agrees w/ Noonan you know Peggy's missed the boat big time. Catch a clue, #Mitt's smarter than you all. Pres Romney sounds great.

— J (@jaeaa) September 24, 2012

@SalenaZitoTrib I completely agree about Peggy Noonan. She's irrelevant in 2012; liberal media keeps trying to raise her importance.

— DeLane Califf (@DeLaneCaliff) September 24, 2012


Granted,  a few Twitter users agreed with Noonan.

@RANSA71 How I love Peggy Noonan's "rolling calamity" description of the #Romney campaign. Best description ever.

— wildatheart (@unapologeticdem) September 24, 2012

The above message was from a “proud #liberal” who supports #Obama2012.

And here are some kind words from another liberal, a Des Moines, Iowa, lawyer who follows liberal MSNBC host Rachel Maddow, the Brady (anti-gun) Campaign, and Obama for America – Iowa:

amen! @drlipman @facethenation @peggynoonannyc

— Donna Johns (@lawyermomIowa) September 23, 2012

If you consider yourself a conservative Republican who thanked Noonan — and your name isn’t Matt Lewis, David Brooks or David Frum — we’d love to hear from you!

.@michellemalkin @adamsbaldwin #ConservativesthatThankedPeggyNoonan David Brooks @nytdavidbrooks

— Sons of Reagan (@SonsofReagan) September 24, 2012

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