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Pets Who Completely Lost Their Minds When They Saw Snow For The First Time

Snow evokes a slew of different emotions. Some people love it — spending hours rolling around in it, sledding down hills, starting up snowballs fights. Then there are those who are not so pleased with it — it makes getting to work a huge pain, driving is difficult, and don’t even get us started on shoveling.

Turns out, our pets are the same way…and here’s the proof!

1. “Can I lick it off?!”

2. “These boots are cold.”

3. “Do I have something on my face? You’d tell me, right?”

4. “I don’t like this, sir. Not one bit.”

5. “Wooowww. It’s coming from the sky!”

6. “You should be ashamed of yourself, snow.”


8. “Good thing we have these sweaters!”

9. “Must. Conquer. Evil flakes!”

10. “This is misery, isn’t it?”

11. “I’ve seen horrible things out there.”

12. “There, I gave it a try. Can I come back in now?”

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13. “Winter is coming…I mean, winter is here.”

14. “I don’t even want to touch this anymore.”

15. “You are so beautiful…to me.”


17. “It’s eating me alive!”

18. “Why do you like to make me sad, Mom?”

19. “You missed a flake.”

20. “Look into my eyes. Do you think I want to be here?”

21. “Let me in. I’m done.”

22. “This is fun, but I expect a warm bath later.”

23. “AHHHH!!!!!”

24. “I could roll in this all day!”

25. “I won’t forget this.”

26. “Can I jump in it?!”

27. “Who would invent such a thing?”

(via Distractify)

Well, it’s a love-hate relationship, I suppose. Snow is beautiful to look at, but once you’re in the thick of it, you realize your paws are freezing. Time for a good snuggle sesh by the fire!

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