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Police choose not to release photo of shooting suspect; evacuation continues


Aurora, Colo. police chief Daniel Oates said this evening that the apartment complex where James Holmes lived will remain evacuated due to the complexity of the explosives found inside, including trip wires, jars of unidentified liquids and possibly mortar shells.

Aurora Police Chief Dan Oates "never seen anything like it" – James Holmes apt has trip wires, jars of ammo, jars of liquid

— Jennifer Broome (@JenniferBroome) July 21, 2012

"jars full of ammunition" "what look like mortar rounds" Chief Oates on what's inside Holme's booby-trapped apartment. #theatershooting

— Brian Willie (@bwillie) July 21, 2012

Oates added that the police are not yet releasing a mug shot of the suspect “for investigative reasons.” The current photo of Holmes making the rounds in the media was released by the University of Colorado, where Holmes had been a doctoral student.

we support Chief Oates & love that he wont say the killer's name or show his mugshot. #theatershooting in #Aurora Colorado

— kushumpeng (@mindOFdemus) July 21, 2012

Chief Oates says will not release the suspect mug shot. Good. I don't wanna see his disgusting face. #AuroraCO #theatershooting

— Vanessa (@vanessatx) July 21, 2012

Holmes had reportedly purchased 6,000 rounds of ammunition on the Internet and wore a tactical vest, ballistic helmet and gloves.

Aurora Police Chief Dan Oates: Suspect dressed entirely in black with ballistic helmet, tactical vest and gloves.

— Jim Quillen (@JimQuillen) July 21, 2012

Aurora PD Chief Dan Oates: Holmes wore ballistic helmet, tactical ballistic vest, ballistic legging, throat/groin protection, black gloves.

— Arash Mosaleh (@ArashMosaleh) July 21, 2012

Oates noted that police officers have been working 12-hour shifts due to the demand and that one ongoing issue for the police is “how we’re going to deal with our own trauma.”

Watching the press conference. Chief Dan Oates getting emotional is making me all kinds of emotional as well.

— Zin Mars (@litenaska) July 21, 2012

"Our cops went through a lot" Aurora Police Chief Dan Oates just said w/ tears in eyes. Officers took patients to hospitals.

— Jennifer Broome (@JenniferBroome) July 21, 2012

This poor Oates is really struggling trying to get thru this interview. Its very emotional, horrid. #Aurora

— Candy (@Candylatte) July 21, 2012

Dan oates, the aurora police chief, addresses media as a humble, diligent man, struggling to fully present #alotofprayerstospare

— Kathryn Jean Lopez (@kathrynlopez) July 21, 2012

The next police briefing is scheduled for 2 p.m. Mountain time on Saturday.

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