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Post-Newtown witch hunt: NRA president and members hit with death threats


All decent Americans are heart-sick and outraged over the Newtown, Conn. school massacre. But some citizens have completely lost their heads and souls. On Twitter, there’s a growing proliferation of sickos calling for NRA president David Keene and anyone else who belongs to the gun-rights organization to be shot.

All NRA members should be shot!!!!I thank you, that’s one of my own !!

— sam tarling (@sammyswordfish) December 16, 2012

Someone should shoot this motherfucker NRA President David Keene weighs in on 2012 election – Glenn Beck glennbeck.com/2012/10/31/nra… via @glennbeck

— michael mayer (@prisonforbush) December 14, 2012

Murder every NRA member

— Bitter Old St. Nick (@90sRememberer) December 14, 2012


Solution: Get every member of the NRA to stand in a circle, aim & shoot! Sorted

— Very frustrated Pete (@Arseburgers) December 14, 2012


Happy I live in Canada not USA. Land of handgun nuts.nra should be shot & put out of their misery. Not [email protected]

— Elizabeth V (@cochisev) December 14, 2012

More screenshots here:

Crackpot Liberals Call For Murder Of NRA President, Members & Repeal Of Second Amendment: freedomoutpost.com/2012/12/libera…

— Ed(@EDinCali) December 16, 2012

The Left wants to fight violence with violence! (Twitter NSFW) at bit.ly/T0UbP4 #tcot #GOP #NRA #TeaParty #violence #2ndAmendment

— Michael Haltman (@ThePoliticalCom) December 16, 2012

This one stands out:


@BayAreaHouston is not just any random Twitter user. He is John Cobarruvias, a Democratic Party precinct chair in Houston, according to Houston blog Big Jolly Politics. (Update: He is also member of the State Democratic Executive committee.)

After calling for shooting NRA members “and everyone who defends them,” Cobarruvias turned around and called the target of his incitement to violence a “domestic terrorist organization.” Self-aware much?

Let’s face it. The #NRA is nothing but a domestic terrorist organization. They have done NOTHING to stop this violence except make excuses.

— John Cobarruvias (@BayAreaHouston) December 14, 2012

Good question:

Will these people be arrested? goo.gl/fb/KucEF

— iOwnTheWorld (@iotw) December 16, 2012

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2012/12/16/post-newtown-witch-hunt-nra-president-and-members-bombarded-with-death-threats/

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