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Real journalist Dan Rather warns of misinformation on ‘the new Internet’


News flash from Dan Rather: there are journalists out there who will run with dodgy sources to push a political agenda. Rather said this with a straight face to fellow real journalist Ed Schultz, who was silently summoned to the White House after the election for a hush-hush “hippie cabal” with other “progressive journalists.”

Rather is most shocked that politicians are taking information from the new Internet, which is complicating the traditional cozy relationship between the press and the government.

Well if Dan Rather is looking to make a comeback, glad he’s trying to do it with a reputable news station like @msnbc

— Todd (@DCToddM) February 22, 2013

Oh wait. Dan Rather on the Ed Show, talking about media smear machine and story sources. ROTFLMAO

— Ross Calloway (@lunchcounter) February 22, 2013

Dan Rather says,” Right Wing smear machine spreads like mildew in a damp basement”.

— Anthony Lombardo (@anthonyLombar15) February 22, 2013

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