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Rep. Fields speaks at gun control rally, misspeaks on ‘assault’ weapons


Following President Obama’s and Vice President Biden’s coordinated gun control push this week, it was up to OFA and the public to hit the streets this weekend while the president again hit the links. Gun control advocates rallied in cities across the country to push for a ban on assault weapons and a limit on magazine capacity — even though some legislators still don’t seem to know what assault weapons and magazines are.

Case in point: State Rep. Rhonda Fields of Colorado, who spoke at a rally in Denver. Earlier this week, Fields admitted to “misspeaking” when she told an NPR correspondent that her son and his fiancée were killed by an assault weapon, though evidence at the scene suggested otherwise.

I say lie instead of misspoke. She knew exactly what she was saying. @reprhondafields #MustFurtherTheNarrative at any cost. For shame.

— Lauren Coker (@MamaLC3) April 9, 2013

@twitchyteam CO rep Rhonda Fields told NPR that her son’s car and him and fiancee were riddled w/bullets by assault rifle. Handgun was used.

— Michelle(@fadboo) April 8, 2013

The story of an assault weapon being used in the shooting was repeated in a Denver Post op-ed written by U.S. Rep. Diana DeGette of Colorado — who herself had misspoken about magazines not being reusable, and then “corrected” herself, saying she meant that clips weren’t reusable.

No number of gaffes seems to slow the push to ban something, and Fields is still leading the charge.

@reprhondafields speaking to a big group, pushing congress to follow Colorado’s lead on gun leg #demandaction vine.co/v/bFmPjaJTB3a

— Denise Baron (@BaronDenise) April 13, 2013

“I think it makes sense for people to pay for their own background checks to own a gun” @reprhondafields at gun rally in Cherry Hills #coleg

— Maisha Fields (@MaishaFields) April 13, 2013

Misfit Politics’ Brandon Morse was at the rally too.

Lady here literally has a sign that she said she uses over and over again for different protests. Just tapes over words and writes on that.

— Brandon Morse (@CnservativePunk) April 13, 2013

If only they knew it was not about saving lives and all about registration. instagram.com/p/YD-OHkJtR_/

— Brandon Morse (@CnservativePunk) April 13, 2013

The Denver crowd seemed typical of the turnout nationwide, as photos from the events suggest.

NH residents made it clear today @kellyayotte – stand with your constituents, not the gun lobby #nowisthetime twitter.com/TheKateMalloy/…

— TheKateMalloy (@TheKateMalloy) April 13, 2013

Lakewood Councilman @tombullock3 joins the call to action @maigcoalition @ofa_oh @lakewoodofa #nowisthetime twitter.com/KarolynIsenhar…

— Karolyn Isenhart (@KarolynIsenhart) April 13, 2013

HUNDREDS in LA saying #NowIsTheTime – can’t even hear for all the supportive honking! @sara_ela @joncarsonofa @ofa_ca twitter.com/OFA_Shannon/st…

— Shannon H. Anderson (@OFA_Shannon) April 13, 2013

OFA In Arlington Heights holding a vigil for gun control #WeHaveNotForgotten twitter.com/nbburke/status…

— Nick Burke (@nbburke) April 14, 2013

75+ supporters in Madison @ofa_wi making their voices heard- #NowIsTheTime for action on background checks @ofa twitter.com/warnerjennifer…

— Jennifer Warner (@warnerjennifer) April 13, 2013

55+ TV at Va Beach We Won’t Forget Candlelight Vigil to Demand Action #Nowisthetime @ Sara_ela @joncarsonofa@ofa-va twitter.com/okerlund61/sta…

— Pat Okerlund (@okerlund61) April 13, 2013

Canton Councilman, Frank Morris, calls for sensible gun reform, #nowisthetime twitter.com/steph_sweany81…

— Stephanie Sweany (@steph_sweany81) April 13, 2013

U.S. Rep. Jim Moran (D-Va.), who didn’t have much to say when asked why he wasn’t pro-choice when it came to women choosing to arm themselves, reportedly declared gun violence a form of “domestic terrorism” at a rally in Alexandria, Virginia.

ow.ly/i/1T3fp Congressman @jim_moran: We have no hope unless you continue to stand up and speak out! #nowisthetime

— Chrisi West (@PittGirly) April 13, 2013

. @jim_moran “We can’t take a tube of toothpaste on the plane, but we can’tdeal with this gun threat? Doesn’t make sense.” #NowIsTheTime

— Jennifer Stapleton (@jenniferstaple) April 13, 2013

@myfoxdc Congressman Jim Moran: ‘democracy must intervene to end gun violence’ twitter.com/ldemarcofox5/s…

— Lauren DeMarco FOX 5 (@ldemarcofox5) April 13, 2013

Sen. Moran just called gun violence a “form of domestic terrorism” at an OFA rally for gun control in Alexandria.

— CJ Ciaramella (@cjciaramella) April 13, 2013

And by that I mean Rep. Moran

— CJ Ciaramella (@cjciaramella) April 13, 2013

Two drunk guys interrupted gun control rally, shouting “2nd Amendment!” while Virginia Tech victim’s parent was speaking. Smooth, bros.

— CJ Ciaramella (@cjciaramella) April 13, 2013

And now, the obligatory singing of “we shall overcome.”

— CJ Ciaramella (@cjciaramella) April 13, 2013

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