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Reports: Shooting at (or near) San Antonio movie theater; Updated: 2 wounded, possibly gang-related


Details are still sketchy, but San Antonio, TX., residents and local reporters are spreading word about a shooting at a local movie theater:

Shooting at the Mayan Theater here in San Antonio. Details very sketchy right now. Latest on the Nightbeat at 10:24

— John Honore (@JohnHonore) December 17, 2012

Here’s a look at the scene at the Mayan Theater from photographer Tim Stewart. #KSATnews twitter.com/ksatnews/statu…

— KSAT Newsroom (@ksatnews) December 17, 2012

Awaiting official word fr/ SAPD Mayan 14 theater shooting. Witnesses say shots fired in lobby, started outside theater. Update to come.

— KSAT Newsroom (@ksatnews) December 17, 2012

There was a shooting here in San Antonio at the Mayan Movie Theater….. Ugh what is wrong with this generation…

— Rashad White (@RashadWhite95) December 17, 2012

Another shooting, at a San Antonio movie theater, bro world is fucking up…no people are fucking up! Damn nigga can’t go anywhere now#shit

— ΛΛRON ΝΣΛL (@Dneal1111) December 17, 2012

A shooting tonight in a San Antonio theater?!? Gosh, what is this world really coming to?! #GodBlessAmerica

— Charity Love (@MissCharityLove) December 17, 2012

NOW A SHOOTING IN A MOVIE THEATER IN SAN ANTONIO!?The world is honestly going to turn into a huge crime scene. #AreTheMayansRight😳

— ColtenLanee ✌ (@ColtenLane) December 17, 2012

Shooting at a movie theater in San Antonio??? Wtf is going on in this world?!

— Stet #TeamStet (@YungStet) December 17, 2012

In San Antonio Texas there was a shooting at a movie theater several people injured, what is this world coming to?? Lord help us

— Shortyseyes (@shortyseyes) December 17, 2012

Shooting at a San Antonio movie theater. Not sure what the details are but what is this world coming to. #weneedjesus

— David Duran (@DuranDuran2009) December 17, 2012

We’ll continue to update as new details come in.

SAPD investigating shooting at Mayan movie theater bit.ly/YatKuT #woai #sanantonio

— News 4 WOAI (@News4WOAI) December 17, 2012

The shooting occurred just before 9:30 p.m. Sunday.

Antu said the suspected shooter shot a man at nearby China Garden, located in the parking lot of the 1900 block of South West Military Drive. The shooting then moved toward the Mayan movie theater, where an off-duty Bexar County Sheriff’s Office deputy working security saw the suspected gunman armed.

Antu said the deputy shot and hit the suspected gunman. Both shooting victims were not immediately identified by Antu. The Bexar County Sheriff’s Office is the lead agency in the case, he said.

It appears from the above news account that this was not a mass murder akin to the Aurora, Co., movie theater massacre. Still awful whenever blood is shed, but as some San Antonio residents are noting, the heightened sensitivity to shootings inside or in proximity to movie theaters is a little strange in the context of larger gang violence in the city that gets ignored every day:

I cant believe my city San Antonio is trending just cuz shots were fired inside a theater but not on the gang wars which r much more deadly

— j(@countryjms) December 17, 2012

Lmao San Antonio is trending cus of the shooting.. I bet it was over some stupid little gang shit, not a psycho with a Itchy trigger finger

— DoseOf:T. -ORECA (@SupraMac_2jz) December 17, 2012

Apparently the shooting in San Antonio was gang related. Well okay then.

— Justin Russo (@FlyByKnite) December 17, 2012

Through radio traffic, states 3 people are possibly dead and could now be a hostage situation that’s gang… fb.me/25zGRxfbC

— Tony Higdon-Smith (@higdontony) December 17, 2012

And a little fact-checking:

To those who keep posting “RIP San Antonio victims!” NO ONE DIED!

— Taylor C. Brissette (@HisNameIsTaylor) December 17, 2012

Latest info: Two were wounded.

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2012/12/17/reports-shooting-at-san-antonio-movie-theater/

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