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Retro MTV, ‘The Hills’ and creepy Spencer Pratt make for unproductive Mondays


And addicted they are! MTV is now playing “retro” episodes of “The Hills” every morning and Twitter is eating it up. “The Hills” was trending as Twitter users made the first step and admitted they have a problem.


I'm so happy that they play the hills almost every morning now. ☺

— Spoiled Girl (@_SpoiledGirl) July 9, 2012


Addicted to the hills re run on MTV because @LaurenConrad is a beaut

— McNeil (@Stevo_McNeil) July 9, 2012

*facepalm* yes so true and admitting it is stage 1. RT @MTV: Don’t lie. You’re obsessed all over again. We know. #TheHills on #RetroMTV

— Lungowe (@kaikobelle) July 9, 2012

How are we supposed to get anything done in the morning knowing we're missing #thehills being shown again on MTV!?!

— George Allen (@gallen39) July 9, 2012

Part of the reason? Viewers love to hate Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag.


Spencer from The Hills is so creepy..

— Aurora Mangene (@auroraaamangene) July 9, 2012

I don't know who I dislike more Heidi/Spencer or Justin Bobby #retromtv #thehills

— Gypsy in Pearls (@gypsyinpearls) July 9, 2012



I just remembered how much I don't like Heidi #thehills

— jess (@JayB___) July 9, 2012


What if there was a cat-fight between “The Hills” and “Jersey Shore?”


Oh, no, you di’int!

Sad fist pumps.

Keep “The Hills” coming, MTV! We will know who to blame for unproductive weekday mornings from now on.

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