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RIP Lindsay Lohan? Actress found unconscious


Details are still sketchy and reports vary, but we know Lindsay Lohan was found unconscious at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Marina del Rey, Calif. The initial report by ABC News affiliate KABC said the actress was taken to the hospital.

Lindsay Lohan was taken to a hospital after being found unconscious this morning in the penthouse of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Marina del Rey, Calif., ABC News affiliate KABC is reporting.

Paramedics were called at 10:15 a.m. PST. Lohan is currently filming Lifetime’s Elizabeth Taylor bio-pic “Liz & Dick” in the Marina del Rey area.

However, other reports say paramedics responded to a 911 call, but declared Lohan to be in okay condition.

Sources tell TMZ … Lindsay had been shooting almost non-stop without sleep for 2 days and was staying at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Marina del Rey to get some shut eye. She has been shooting parts of her movie near the hotel.

We’re told someone became alarmed because they could not wake her up and the person called 911.

Paramedics responded, and determined nothing was wrong with Lindsay. They left without transporting her to the hospital.

The Twitterverse immediately reacted to the various reports.


Of all the things to report about, almost every news source is covering Lindsay Lohan. Seriously? A privileged Hollywoood brat is news? Sure

— katy (@kaytaydid) June 15, 2012

Lindsay lohan is such a train wreck

— Nikki (@nikkimillo) June 15, 2012

A friend just said they feel no remorse for Lindsay Lohan and she brought everything on herself.

— Anni Lute (@annikat12) June 15, 2012

Wtf? Lindsay Lohan was taken to hospital after being found unconscious.Damn, this girl is Dangerous.I hope she will be ok.

— Zorica Sodoma69 (@sodoma__69) June 15, 2012

hope Lindsay Lohan is going to be okay!

— fran (@maybefran) June 15, 2012


i hopee Lindsay Lohan is alive

— ♡alondra♡ (@ICONiac_Alondra) June 15, 2012

When i heard Lindsay Lohan was rushed to the hospital my heart stopped

— Kyle McCord (@kylemccord94) June 15, 2012


One thing we know for sure is Lindsay Lohan is DEFINITELY NOT DEAD. That won’t stop Twitter from starting the rumor though.

Here come the Lindsay Lohan RIP tweets….

— The Book Of Mark (@IgnantTone) June 15, 2012

RIP Lindsay Lohan

— Macón is All in (@Macon_inMotion) June 15, 2012

"RIP Lindsay Lohan" has been sitting in my drafts folder for 2 years.

— as seen on TV (@gerkygatzos) June 15, 2012

RIP Lindsay Lohan, hung out with the wrong crowd, not really shocking.

— Joey (@NYCSlideAway) June 15, 2012

RIP Lindsay Lohan, she committed suicide after realizing she was sober

— Steven (@stevnrm) June 15, 2012



Honestly, nobody really knows what’s going on in Lindsay Lohan’s roller coaster life right now. One second she’s in the hospital and on her death bed, the next second she’s filming another crappy movie.


Twitchy will update this post if we learn anything new.

Update: Her publicist says Lohan was just taking “a nap.”  Twitter reaction:

Calling the paramedics when Lindsay Lohan took a nap was the right move. She's usually high on cocaine, so clearly something was wrong.

— Joe Schmitt (@joeschmitt) June 15, 2012


Lindsay Lohan has some dope PR, they turned a pass out into a "long nap" lmao great job

— מארקMARK MY WORDS (@Mark_Rashad) June 16, 2012

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