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Romney on Chicago strike: ‘I side with students’; Obama votes present


GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney weighed in on the Chicago strike today, expressing his disappointment and coming down firmly on the side of the children.



Romney: Chicago Teachers Union 'Turning Its Back' on Kids: Well, the Chicago teachers’ strike just became an iss… http://t.co/HGYCLCRw

— National Review (@NROcorner) September 10, 2012

Mitt Romney’s statement, via NRO:

“I am disappointed by the decision of the Chicago Teachers Union to turn its back on not only a city negotiating in good faith but also the hundreds of thousands of children relying on the city’s public schools to provide them a safe place to receive a strong education. Teachers unions have too often made plain that their interests conflict with those of our children, and today we are seeing one of the clearest examples yet. President Obama has chosen his side in this fight, sending his Vice President last year to assure the nation’s largest teachers union that ‘you should have no doubt about my affection for you and the President’s commitment to you.’ I choose to side with the parents and students depending on public schools to give them the skills to succeed, and my plan for education reform will do exactly that.”


And there was negotiating in good faith, only the president of the Chicago Teachers Union couldn’t be bothered. She was too busy yukking it up with “national labor leaders.”

Obama supporters quickly try to slam Romney. And fail.

Romney's trying to woo women and #moms so he attacks teachers? WTH? ~> Romney on Chicago teachers’ strike http://t.co/BEIsLwSo #p2 #GOP #edu

— Lori G (@1stLori) September 10, 2012

Oh, honey. Your absurd gender identity politics aside, most moms, you know, want the best for their children. This does not include teachers unions, who put self-interest above the good of children. What happened to For The Children?

Ben LaBolt quickly beclowns himself.

OFA defending strike? RT @BenLaBolt: Romney apparently believes fewer teachers and larger classrooms is solution to education challenges.

— Mark Hemingway (@Heminator) September 10, 2012

.@BenLabolt thinks it's funny Mitt Romney is standing up for kids unable to go to school due to strike. Obama response: dodge and joke

— Kirsten Kukowski (@kakukowski) September 10, 2012

Heh. And Obama? Voting present, natch.

#Ugh #Present RT @bccohan So let me get this right- Obama has something to say about Nicki Minaj but not about the Chicago teacher strike?

— Seth (@dcseth) September 10, 2012

Obama has said he is “committed to” the teachers unions. Today’s he’s been silent on the strike that is hurting his home state students.

— Reince Priebus (@Reince) September 10, 2012

What Obama spoke on the record about today: Nicki Minaj lyrics. What he refused to comment on: the Chicago teacher strike.

— Reince Priebus (@Reince) September 10, 2012

Telling, isn’t it? President Obama had plenty of time to appear on a hip-hop station and discuss the intricacies of rapper Nicki Minaj. But a teachers strike in a major city, his “home town,” no less? Crickets.

That 3:00 a.m. call came in, President Obama. And the recorded message once again said: You fail.

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2012/09/10/romney-on-chicago-teachers-strike-i-side-with-parents-and-students-obama-votes-present/

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