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Rumsfeld honors Iraq anniv.; Rob Delaney tweets ‘blood-gargling psychopath’


Shamefully, Secretary Rumsfeld did not receive respect on Twitter. Today is the 10th anniversary of the start of the war in Iraq.

On the Iraq War 10th Anniv, the #NationalGuard thanks those who serve & pay the ultimate sacrifice for our nation: ow.ly/jcTIF

— National Guard (@USNationalGuard) March 19, 2013

Donald Rumsfeld honored the day, and the brave men and women involved, with this tweet:

10 yrs ago began the long, difficult work of liberating 25 mil Iraqis. All who played a role in history deserve our respect & appreciation.

— Donald Rumsfeld (@RumsfeldOffice) March 19, 2013

Amen, Mr. Secretary. To the twisted, however, that tweet was cause to spew hate and filth.

Donald Rumsfeld received no Twitter love for his Iraq war 10 year anniversary tweet. None. buzzfeed.com/justinesharroc… twitter.com/michaelhayes/s…

— Mike Hayes (@michaelhayes) March 19, 2013

“Comedian” Rob Delaney was putrid, as always.

[email protected]rumsfeldoffice Except you & your bosses, you blood-gargling psychopath.

— rob delaney (@robdelaney) March 19, 2013

And he wasn’t alone.

@rumsfeldoffice #warCriminal

— Peñalba (@penalba) March 19, 2013

@rumsfeldoffice you and the rest should have been charged with war crimes

— The Worst Man (@ThatWorstMan) March 19, 2013

I am so glad I interrupted this bastard last year and got to scream at him @rumsfeldoffice twitter.com/rumsfeldoffice… #Iraq

— Roqayah Chamseddine (@iRevolt) March 19, 2013

[email protected]rumsfeldoffice You are a fucking psychopath with so much blood on your hands you’re drowning in it.

— Robin (@caulkthewagon) March 19, 2013

. @rumsfeldoffice tongue my dirt pipe

— Dan (@dankmtl) March 19, 2013

@rumsfeldoffice How can you type with so much blood on your hands you murderous bastard? 4,500 Americans & 200,000 Iraqis dead ’cause u lied

— Val Farrelly (@valfarly) March 19, 2013

Pyschopath —> @rumsfeldoffice

— dream hampton (@dreamhampton) March 19, 2013

Go fuck yourself, @rumsfeldoffice, for this one: twitter.com/RumsfeldOffice…

— J.A. Myerson (@JAMyerson) March 19, 2013

[email protected]rumsfeldoffice Even YOU? Even shameful, despicable, murderous, ruinous, horrific history?

— Ruben Bolling (@RubenBolling) March 19, 2013

[email protected]rumsfeldoffice: I wish I could say something more articulate, but I’ll settle for “it’s unjust that you’ll die peacefully outside prison.”

— Sterling McGarvey (@sterling_m) March 19, 2013

@rumsfeldoffice F-off you A**-hole!

— Halal Bilal (@halalcomedy) March 19, 2013

Donald Rumsfeld: in a just world, he’d be imprisoned in The Hague, not trolling twitter.buzzfeed.com/justinesharroc…

— Nathan (@norm_1142) March 19, 2013

@rumsfeldoffice Stomach-wrenching. 1 million have perished thanks to your blood-gargling, shock and awe slaughter machine. War Criminal.

— Conall McLaughlin (@conallafflin) March 19, 2013

[email protected]rumsfeldoffice the fact that you’ll die outside of prison sickens me. You’re a war criminal with the blood of thousands on your hands.

— Niklaus Gattone (@ngatt1) March 19, 2013

Sick death wishes also poured in.

@rumsfeldoffice Die.

— svetlana (@vergolddet) March 19, 2013

@rumsfeldoffice @pareene Die in prison, war criminal.

— Noah (@Noah_Deuce) March 19, 2013

[email protected]rumsfeldoffice I hope you die screaming you absolute piece ofgarbage

— (あしこき) (@chead) March 19, 2013

I will cheer when people like Rumsfeld and Cheney fucking die.

— Rand Pauly Shore (@anarchoantihero) March 19, 2013

@rumsfeldoffice die in pain, worm.

— mike (@mikesgoodtweets) March 19, 2013

RT: Eat shit and die you human paraquat. “@rumsfeldoffice: 10 yrs ago began the long, difficult work of liberating 25 mil Iraqis…”

— Weedlord Bonerhitler (@NationalManthem) March 19, 2013

die in a fire you miserable fuck “@rumsfeldoffice: 10 yrs ago began the long, difficult work of liberating 25 mil Iraqis.”

— adam wray (@terminalave) March 19, 2013

@rumsfeldoffice i hope you die you piece of shit

— Jose Rios (@Rios559) March 19, 2013

@ajstream @rumsfeldoffice He should kill himself live on CNN.

— Anonymous Operations (@Anon_Central) March 19, 2013

Appalling. Seek help, please.

h/t @einfal

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