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Sacramento, Calif., mall locked down after fight, reports of gunshots!/samuraiiamurai/status/284100978138042368

Shoppers at the Arden Fair Mall in Sacramento, Calif., reported panic and an exodus of people after a fight and possible gunshots were witnessed.

Arden Fair Mall in Sacramento on lockdown. Fight broke out in food court, some reported seeing gun. via @kcranews tv.

— Nancy A (@nancyupnorth) December 27, 2012

@lifesgoodgalshk yeah there’s was gunshots now they locked us in

— Tori Williams (@T_Wills2013) December 27, 2012

Come on now I was getting a pedicure and then gun shots #Relaxing

— Tori Williams (@T_Wills2013) December 27, 2012

Do not go to the Arden Fair mall. There is a guy with a gun in the food court. I’m safe in a store, but do not come here.

— Simone Afghari (@sjafghari) December 27, 2012

Omg there were shots in arden mall, and pacsun has us in the back of the store ! Im scared shitless !

— Emanuel Magallanes (@Emannnn_) December 27, 2012

You guys there’s a gunman in my mall, he shot twice already. I’m in the bathroom hiding at work. Do NOT come to Arden Mall. DO NOT.

— Anthony Sengchareune (@TeeSengchareune) December 27, 2012

Someone got shot at Arden? I’m locked inside Bath and Body Works. People started running towards Macy’s. Uh…. If I die, I love you guys.

— Sondra Tamagotchi(@sondurrahh09) December 27, 2012

I just left Arden Fair , and the mall went into lockdown. Wtf!

— Mrs.Claus ⛄ (@_HannahFaith) December 27, 2012

Well Arden fair mall is on lockdown because someone is shooting in the food court. If now is not the time for gun laws I don’t know what is.

— Alex Neumann (@alexxneumann) December 27, 2012

at the Arden mall and had to hide in the back at hot topic with karen…someone brought a gun! oh god..;/ this is just so terrifying..

— SlenderMan c: (@spidermonkey789) December 27, 2012

Going downnn in Arden right now…

— DAMIXN LYNCH (@DAMIXN) December 27, 2012

Kim Minugh is a reporter for the Sacramento Bee.

Hearing reports of shots fired at Arden Fair Mall – waiting for more info from [email protected]sacpolice.

— Kim Minugh (@Kim_Minugh) December 27, 2012

Seems to be confusion over whether shots were fired at #Arden – still waiting for official info

— Kim Minugh (@Kim_Minugh) December 27, 2012

Radio traffic indicates a gunman was seen but still unclear whether shots fired. No known Vic Oscar #Arden

— Kim Minugh (@Kim_Minugh) December 27, 2012

So, were shots fired? As we learned from a recent incident in Portland, Ore., even first-hand accounts can vary widely. Those who were on the scene, though, insist they heard gunfire.

@prettyboywinnin I don’t care what they said I was right there

— Tori Williams (@T_Wills2013) December 27, 2012

Mall security says otherwise. Sacramento Police report only a “large physical altercation.”

Large physical altercation at Arden Fair Mall, unfounded reports of gunfire, pd assisting with the disturbance.

— Sacramento Police (@SacPolice) December 27, 2012

#News10 UPDATE: Authorities say it was a large brawl-like fight inside Nordstroms – There was no gunfire, authorities said

— News10 – California (@News10_CA) December 27, 2012

The lockdown appears to be over. Twitchy will provides updates as they become available.

#News10 UPDATE: Arden Fair Mall stores were locked down; police trying to let people out, stores slowly opening gates to get people out

— News10 – California (@News10_CA) December 27, 2012

Arden Fair Mall shooting… just got out of the lock down. 🙁 heart won’t stop beating fast. I’m shaken 🙁

— Millie(:(@lovelacemillie) December 27, 2012

Just released from a lockdown at Arden Fair Mall. All kinds of police, security, swat & helicopters surrounding the building. Way too scary.

— Jessica Lombana (@Jessica_Lombana) December 27, 2012

At Arden Fair Mall… I have never seen people run that way in my whole life. #SoScary

— Lauren Kilpatrick (@lokilllll) December 27, 2012

shootings at the arden fair mall

— BRAVO TEAM SIX NINER (@patescrazy) December 27, 2012


Four have been arrested. All official reports indicate that no shots were fired, but it’s still unclear whether guns were involved.

4 people arrested at Arden after fight breaks out in food court involving 20 or so people. No weapons have been located so far. #News10

— Michael Bott (@TweetBott10) December 27, 2012

20 people were fighting in the food court at Arden Fair Mall. The mall automatically goes into lockdown, no shots fired.

— Tia A. Ewing (@TIA_EWING) December 27, 2012

The fight at Arden Fair Mall, 4 are arrested. Entire situation was caught on camera.

— Tia A. Ewing (@TIA_EWING) December 27, 2012

#Lockdown lifted at #Sacramento‘s Arden Fair Mall after fight in food court area. Gun brandished, but no shots fired. Four arrested.

— Michael McGauley (@McGauley2) December 27, 2012

no guns at arden fair, just stupid ppl fighting and a sign making a loud noise

— pattie gibson (@pattiepooh) December 27, 2012

No shots fired at Arden Fair Mall n Sacramento CaIt was just people panicking. Thought they heard gunfire

— ✨Ann ✨ (@clegg_ann) December 27, 2012

The Sacramento Police report that there was no gun, and shoppers are welcome back.

Arden Mall is open to the public, reports of shooting and or subject with a gun are unfounded.

— Sacramento Police (@SacPolice) December 27, 2012

I’m told by [email protected]racheymt, who was shopping at Nordstrom, that #ArdenFair is like a “ghost town” but for cops, security. Ppl got the hell out!

— Kim Minugh (@Kim_Minugh) December 27, 2012



VIDEO: Terrified mall shoppers flee food court brawl after sounds of…

— CBS12 (@CBS12) December 27, 2012

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