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#SayVagina: Hijacked


Following today’s reading of the Vagina Monologues at the Michigan State House, with those radical femi-nazis wanting us all to “#SayVagina!,” conservatives have dutifully jumped in to hijack the hashtag:

Tell me, pro-choicers, how many baby girls will be aborted this year & never get the chance to #SayVagina? #p2

— Justin (@theGrudgeRetort) June 19, 2012

#SayVagina but don't say #700k+WomenLostTheirJobsOnObama'sWatch

— Dana Loesch (@DLoesch) June 19, 2012

Distract Americans from Obama's failures! #sayvagina

— Madeleine McAulay (@m_mcaulay) June 19, 2012

$16,000,000,000,000 is no reason to get upset. Your kids will pay it off if you can just #sayvagina enough. #saybudget

— You Said Russia! (@lheal) June 19, 2012


#WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot What all this #SayVagina nonsense? Did Obama name a #VaginaCzar today?

— Mark Schumacher (@MSchumacher) June 19, 2012

Every time you #sayvagina, @TheRealRoseanne kills a kitten. Please, think of the kittens.

— Amy Marie, Esq. (@amyvrwc) June 19, 2012

#sayvagina but don't say it in the White House. It's a hostile work environment.

— AW (@ArtbyAWOHS) June 19, 2012

Don't #SayVagina three times unless you want Bill Clinton to magically appear, cigar in hand.

— Matt Dycus (@MattDycus) June 19, 2012

Liberals want us to #SayVagina beause it's their ploy to get us to top talking about things that matter–economy, jobs, the debt and deficit

— Demetrius Minor (@dminor85) June 19, 2012

And, of course, THIS:


Update: Apparently conservatives love to #SayVagina, here are more great tweets:

To commemorate the death of feminism, #SayVagina and say it loud!!

— Joe (@JoeFL65) June 19, 2012

#SayVagina New,from Ben & Jerrys?

— Church (@Church_On_F1) June 19, 2012

#sayvagina and Jay Carney turns and answers

— Scott Robison (@jscottrobison) June 19, 2012

These #SayVagina activists are bigoted against mutes

— The Real Bepo (D) (@TheRealBepo) June 19, 2012


#Obama2012Slogans "#SayVagina!"

— ن IllegallyChristian (@TalonsPoint) June 19, 2012

I don't always #sayvagina , but when I do, I don't scream about a War on Women while defending the murder of unborn baby girls.

— Blackiswhite, IC (@BlackiswhiteIC) June 19, 2012

You #sayvagina I say $15.7T debt, 8.2% unemployment, ruling by fiat, not that these are more important…

— Melissia (@ProudoftheUSA) June 19, 2012

"Feminism" summed up in two words: #sayvagina. Actually, #irrelevant is a good definition, too.

— Teri Christoph (@TeriChristoph) June 19, 2012

You can #SayVagina, but here are five things you can’t say:

#SayVagina but don't say #fastandfurious or #RememberBrianTerry cc @michellemalkin @dloesch

— Mary Chastain (@mchastain81) June 19, 2012

#SayVagina but don't say that stimulus was supposed to have the unemployment rate down to 5.5% by now.

— John Hawkins (@johnhawkinsrwn) June 19, 2012

#sayvagina but don't say #IllegalAlien

— Ursus Major (@NorthernGrizzly) June 19, 2012

#SayVagina but don't say #gendercide

— Celtic Selky (@celticselky) June 19, 2012

#SayVagina but don't say I'm a #Christian or a #Catholic

— Clint Stonebraker (@ClintFCB) June 19, 2012

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2012/06/18/sayvagina-hijacked/

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