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Scientology uproar: Murdoch’s tweets and Katie Holmes claims cause buzz


As Twitchy reported earlier, Rupert Murdoch, the straight-talking business mogul, took to Twitter to express his concerns about Scientology. He said that there is something “creepy, maybe even evil, about these people.” What sparked that? Stories reporting, unconfirmed, that Katie Holmes now fears that she is being stalked by Scientology followers.

Report: Scientologists may be stalking Katie Holmes http://t.co/hdYhJpEn via @msnNOW

— Charlotte Vannora (@CVannora) July 1, 2012

More from TMZ:

Katie Holmes believes Scientology now views her as a threat to the organization and has put a team on her tail … sources close to the actress tell TMZ.

We’re told Katie believes in recent weeks — as the discord between her and Tom Cruise grew — Scientology has been following her moves, especially in New York City.

This does not appear to be the mind of a paranoid person. People who have photographed Katie multiple times tell TMZ there have been several “mysterious” men and vehicles around Katie’s apartment and following her when she’s out.

As a result of the uproar, Scientology is now trending on Twitter.

#Scientology is trending…so weird…just…weird…uber weird.

— Siouxweet N' Sauer (@SiouxweetNSauer) July 1, 2012

Well, uproar and some snarking.

I gotta feeling @scientology is gonna have a bad summer, and I'm gonna have fun writing about it #cult

— permafried (@realchatterbox) July 1, 2012

Scientology is trending, I warned you to get your Xenu early warning detectors! Everyone to the C-130s!

— GovMatt (@GovMatt) July 1, 2012

Reading some stuff about Scientology, purely out of morbid curiosity.

— إسماعيل (@WarOnWar) July 1, 2012

Would be funny watching a cyber boxing match between Scientology & @rupertmurdoch Who would win? …only 1 way to find out! … FIGHT!!!

— Masked Dog (@Double_Karma) July 1, 2012

If only Murdoch had some sort of media empire to expose Scientology as a "very weird cult" & "evil" on…

— Anthony Grego (@anthonygrego) July 1, 2012

@mindykaling if you say it 3 times into a mirror a bloody tom cruise may appear & strangle you. #bloodymary #scientology

— Sarah Achilles (@SarahAchilles) July 1, 2012

And a conspiracy theory, natch.

Coincidence: @rupertmurdoch tweets abt 'creepy' Scientology. Sun paper has this headline: http://t.co/HeAdopjI 'No editorial influence' huh?

— Fighty McGirldude (@whedonworship) July 1, 2012

Many Twitter users agree with News Corp.’s Mr. Murdoch.

LOVE Rupert Murdoch for slamming Scientology as a "cult" on Twitter!

— Janet Charlton (@JanetCharlton) July 1, 2012

Oddly I'm in agreement with @rupertmurdoch on the Scientology thing. If you've ever been to downtown Clearwater, you'd say the same thing.

— FacePaulm Revere (@derprevere) July 1, 2012

@rupertmurdoch Oh Boy do I agree! Got my own nightmare with them! Very creepy and scary!

— Sherri Butler (@craterlake12) July 1, 2012


@rupertmurdoch I have waited a very long time for that cult to be exposed & i hope this is it!

— julie louise (@julieAgresta) July 1, 2012

IT'S TRUE. RT @rupertmurdoch: Watch Katie Holmes and Scientology story develop. Something creepy, maybe even evil, about these people.

— Katherine Miller (@katherinemiller) July 1, 2012

This guy, however, is rooting for injuries.

Rupert Murdoch is taking on Scientology. This is like the Super Bowl all over again. Absolutely no one to root for.

— Will McAvoy (@WillMcAvoyACN) July 1, 2012

Others fall back on the lame and tired Fox News bashing.

The difference between Scientology & Fox News? One uses science fiction to control damaged people's minds and the other is Scientology.

— LOLGOP (@LOLGOP) July 1, 2012

@JohnnyFocal Not to mention the corruption and phone tapping by #Murdoch papers. Not so different from #Scientology methods in some cases.

— Werner Keil (@wernerkeil) July 1, 2012

@AnonyOps @birgittaj Clarification: the "Very weird cult" with "big, big money" discussed by @rupertmurdoch wasn't #NewsCorp.

— ChristianChristensen (@ChrChristensen) July 1, 2012

Yuk, yuk, yuk! Sigh.

Others bash, yet support. Minds. Blown.

I just retweeted @rupertmurdoch – let's take a moment and let this sink in. #thechardwouldnotapprove

— Sarah Galli (@sarahgalli) July 1, 2012

News Corporation vs. #Scientology? We don't know who to root for here but the prospect fills us with absolute glee #chanology

— Anonymous (@AnonyOps) July 1, 2012

Interesting comment from a creepy guy himself: "Scientology back in news. Very weird cult, but big, big money… http://t.co/IPxJm8WX

— Hemley Gonzalez (@hemley) July 1, 2012

"Sometimes a great evil can only be defeated by a greater evil" #Murdoch vs #Scientology

— Gwinnie (@gwinniejones) July 1, 2012

Who will be the victor?

We at Twitchy hope it is little Suri; our thoughts and prayers are with her.

What Katie Holmes is Saving Suri From: Scientology's Interrogation of Children http://t.co/BJPFlamE via @villagevoice

— Katherine Miller (@katherinemiller) July 1, 2012

In the meantime, Rupert Murdoch is sure to continue his sometimes controversial straight talk; thank goodness! And will more Katie Holmes/Tom Cruise Scientology revelations come out? Likely so. Stay tuned!

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2012/07/01/rupert-murdochs-scientology-is-creepy-maybe-evil-tweet-and-katie-holmes-rumors-cause-uproar/

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