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Sean Hannity has fill of gun control baloney: ‘I gotta get outta New York’


Conservative talker Rush Limbaugh abandoned tax-happy New York City for Florida years ago. Glenn Beck relocated his Mercury Radio Arts headquarters from New York to Texas. Will Fox News’s Sean Hannity be next out the door?

Do it, Sean! RT @seanhannity I gotta get outta NY. #guncontrolbaloney #LNYHBT

— Michelle Malkin (@michellemalkin) January 15, 2013

There’s something about that #guncontrolbaloney hashtag that leads us to suspect it’s not high taxes that has Hannity making rumblings about moving. Earlier today, Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed into law what some have called the toughest gun control restrictions in the nation. The new legislation does take steps to protect the privacy of gun permit holders, but that comes a bit too late to help Hannity, who was among those “outed” by incoming Gawker editor-in-chief John Cook.

So, where to?

@michellemalkin @seanhannity Texas. It’s where your heart is.

— Misfit Politics (@MisfitPolitics) January 15, 2013

@michellemalkin @ewerickson @seanhannity WISCONSIN! #GreatestStateInTheUnion

— Sean Hackbarth (@seanhackbarth) January 15, 2013

MOVE SOUTHRT @michellemalkin: Do it, Sean! RT @seanhannity I gotta get outta NY. #guncontrolbaloney #LNYHBT

— Erick Erickson (@EWErickson) January 15, 2013

@seanhannity uhhh… yeah! Just don’t go back to California… out of the frying pan… #LNYHBT!

— Krystal (@TheFriddle) January 15, 2013

@seanhannity Come to Texas! We *cling* to our God, our guns, and our Constitution.

— Skyler (@ReturnTo1776) January 15, 2013

@returnto1776 @seanhannity ehem. THAT would be Pennsylvania, silly. WE are the clingers! 😉

— Krystal (@TheFriddle) January 15, 2013

In Nevada, @seanhannity we have a gun registry – it is called a phone book!!

— Janie Johnson (@jjauthor) January 16, 2013

@thefriddle @seanhannity I left NY and I’m doing fine! #GunOwner

— Just A. Marine (@Marines1994) January 16, 2013

@seanhannity, run as fast as u can. What a bunch of wimps NYers are. Sad what they have become

— Shirl Robertson (@ShirlTxnana4211) January 16, 2013

@seanhannity come to FL.No income tax.

— Joe Donger (@DongerJoe) January 16, 2013

@awakegop @seanhannity We welcome all the NY Conservatives down here in Georgia where we Southerners still believe in the Constitution

— Levi Crowdis (@LeviCrowdis) January 16, 2013

@seanhannity Colorado Springs would love to have you

— Erik Kislesky (@erkis75) January 16, 2013

@seanhannity come on down to Georgia! We’ll take you huntin’, get you hooked on sweet tea, & sit on the front porch & bash dems!!

— Cathy Craft (@cathyfcraft) January 16, 2013

@seanhannity Move to Oklahoma, we have open carry!

— LaShawnda Munoz (@Texasgal84) January 16, 2013

Correction: The initial version of this post incorrectly stated that Hannity’s gun permit was outed by the Journal News and its interactive map. In fact, Hannity’s gun ownership was reported by incoming Gawker editor-in-chief John Cook in August 2010. At the time, Cook wrote for Yahoo! News.  We regret the error.

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2013/01/15/sean-hannity-has-fill-of-gun-control-baloney-i-gotta-get-outta-new-york/

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