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Sean Penn, Jesse Jackson console each other at Hugo Chavez’s funeral!/jessie_power/status/310158621713526784

Why was Sean Penn in Venezuela for Hugo Chavez’s funeral? Because Chavez was a friend Penn was “blessed to have.”

Spicoli Mourns #tcot #venezuela #chavez #latism…

— Jorge Bonilla (@BonillaJL) March 8, 2013

Love the headline on Fox News… “World leaders….and Sean Penn….gather for Hugo Chavez’ funeral”

— Rachel Veronica (@rachelveronica) March 9, 2013

Make that, “World leaders and Sean Penn and Jesse Jackson” attend dictator’s funeral.

@wildebees They also went to the funeral. Sean Penn and Rev. Jesse Jackson at Hugo Chavez’s funeral today

— PauloVilasenin (@PauloVilasenin) March 8, 2013

Oh, and Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was there as well, and gave the casket a quick smooch.

Ahmadinejad kisses coffin of #HugoChavez at state funeral. Sean Penn was there too.

— Jim Roberts (@nycjim) March 8, 2013

Can’t wait to see a blubbering Sean Penn go all I Am Sam while clutching Chavez’s coffin.

— Cuffé (@CuffyMeh) March 8, 2013

Does he have to come back? RT @freebeacon RT @sarah_boxer: Sean Penn has now also just arrived at the Chavez funeral service

— Derek Hunter (@derekahunter) March 8, 2013

I don’t know about you but I, for one, am willing to give Venezuela Sean Penn and allow it to keep him as a gesture of friendship.

— Sal Castaneda (@sal_castaneda) March 9, 2013

Even Mario Lopez is stumped.

Reading all about Hugo Chavez & I find it bizarre that he and Sean Penn were such good friends. How did that relationship happen??

— Mario Lopez (@MarioLopezExtra) March 7, 2013

“Scandal” star Josh Malina tries to explain the logistics.

Sean Penn was friends with Chavez, and Chavez was friends with Ahmadinejad. So, by the Transitive Law, Sean Penn is a tiny douchebag.

— Joshua Malina (@JoshMalina) March 6, 2013

Correction: We fixed a typo in our headline.

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