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Selena Gomez: holy deity of auto-tune?


“Selena Godmez” is trending on Twitter this morning. That’s right, not “Gomez,” but “Godmez.”

Selena Godmez? On what planet? Lmao. God of autotuned bad actresses? Oh ok that makes sense then.

— kayci (@clearlylovato) April 17, 2012

Some Twitter users tried to introduce a dose of reality into the conversation:

Selena Godmez ?..she's your inspiration. not your GOD. JustSayin :]

— 린 (@dyokyungshit) April 17, 2012

Selena Gomez just my inspiration and my idol , she's not my god :* * Selena Godmez

— ninditarizkiw ♔ (@ninditarizki) April 17, 2012

Others were rankled by the deification of the young singer and actress:

There's no such a thing as 'Selena Godmez'. No offense selenators but we only have one God in this world.

— Brittana Santittany♥ (@HarmonizePotato) April 17, 2012

Selena Godmez? dont you think it's kinda rude to use the word "GOD" when you know she's not a god? it's like you disrespect Jesus.

— O R E O  (@LeBieberFondue) April 17, 2012

One person took it in the other direction, suggesting 2 more pop stars to complete the divine teenybopper triumvirate:

Selena Godmez? I love Selena and all but I thinks its Lady Godga.. And Justin Biebsus <3

— Logan (@KingLogna) April 17, 2012

No word yet from the exalted Gomez herself.

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2012/04/17/selena-gomez-holy-deity-of-auto-tune/

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