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Sen. Chuck Grassley says tradition of public Nativity scenes should stay


Sen. Chuck Grassley’s tweets are alternately amusing and infuriating to his followers. While bizarre tweets about roadkill have earned him an enthusiastic Twitter following, his political posts seem to draw out a disproportionate number of trolls. Today, Grassley tweeted simply that public Nativity scenes are a longstanding tradition that deserves to continue.

@chuckgrassley god is fake

— Celebrity (@FamousCeleb) December 17, 2012

@chuckgrassley The USA did away with the tradition of state religion at its founding. Sorry to hear some are only now finding out.

— Courtney Simpson (@SoRefined) December 17, 2012

@chuckgrassley a lot of things have been around a long time that aren’t worth continuing.Times change.

— Jacob Hebert (@HebertsHead) December 17, 2012

@chuckgrassley Have you nothing better to do you old coot

— Larry Marson (@larrymarson) December 17, 2012

[email protected]chuckgrassley CHURCHES quite free to display Nativity scene ~ THIS IS A SECULAR COUNTRY, U OLD #CSTREETCULT FOOL ~ #GetOverIt #Dominionist

— mommadona™ (@mommadona) December 17, 2012

@chuckgrassley you were elected senator not pastor.why don’t you just stick to that.

— Count Wolfgang (@countwolfgang) December 17, 2012

Tough crowd! If Grassley has any supporters on this issue, they haven’t spoken up yet. Nevertheless, many can’t wait for Grassley’s next tweet and a repeat of that “ASSUME DEER DEAD” magic.

Also, side note. You can see @chuckgrassley on the Senate floor on C-SPAN right now and he just tweeted. COME ON CHUCK.

— Kevin (@k_stocks) December 17, 2012

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2012/12/17/sen-chuck-grassley-says-tradition-of-public-nativity-scenes-should-stay/

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