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Separated at birth? Russell Westbrook and Steve Urkel


Is it possible that Oklahoma City Thunder star Russell Westbrook and Steve Urkel from Family Matters have been separated at birth? You be the judge!

They certainly share a scary resemblance.

Russell Westbrook must have bought Steve Urkel's entire wardrobe from a Family Matters auction or something #nopostgameswag

— CLEvin Love (@BHew18) June 13, 2012

Steve Urkel > Russell Westbrook #OKC #NBA #PostGameFashion

— EJ (@ej_live) June 13, 2012


Russell Westbrook with the Steve Urkel look in the post game presser .. love it! #OKC #Thunder

— Bruce Ng (@transcendwebs) June 13, 2012

Steve Urkel + Russell Westbrook = same person

— G Linny515 (@GLinny515) June 13, 2012

Stern really needs to fine Russell Westbrook for that Steve Urkel costume he keeps wearing…

— Ben (@Dr_Octagon_) June 13, 2012

Why does Russell Westbrook try to dress like a dweeb? I mean I kinda dig it, but I don't think the Urkel look is gonna win over with others.

— David Liao, Jr. (@RockLiao) June 13, 2012

Russell Westbrook has NO style. At least KD looks like a well dressed nerd, Westbrook looks like Urkel's LiL brother

— Kima Trotter (@realkima) June 13, 2012

My lawd what does Russell Westbrook have on??? Second coming of Urkel. Good game but still a Hot Mess! Yikes!!!

— Angelique Mahan (@amahan05) June 13, 2012

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2012/06/13/separated-at-birth-russell-westbrook-and-steve-urkel/

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