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She Found This Dog In A Barn And Gave Him A Much-Needed Haircut

Getting a haircut can sometimes feel so rewarding.

There’s just something to be said about going to a salon or your local barbershop and having someone give your hair a bit of TLC. Haircuts can also be beneficial to those with a bit of an identity crisis. I have the pleasure of reinventing my hair persona ever two weeks because my hair grows like weeds. It’s amazing how even the simplest of trims can give you a new look and a boatload of confidence.

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Confidence was one thing this rescued animal was lacking.

Don’t confuse him for a sheep. This is Lazarus.

Lazarus was recently rescued from an abandoned barn. There’s no way to tell exactly how long Lazarus had been living there, but his ginormous mane of fur and the amount of feces blocking the barn entrance suggest that he was shut in for a while.

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In total, Lazarus was wearing a 35-pound fur coat.

That can make for quite an uncomfortable living situation, especially in the scorching summer heat.

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But thankfully, Laz’s rescuer decided it was time to give the pup a much-needed makeover.

Check out Lazarus and his incredible journey below!

This precious pup is currently recuperating at the aptly named Big Fluffy Dog Rescue, where he will receive all the TLC he deserves.

Thank goodness Lazarus is finally getting the love that all animals need. If you’re considering donating to the Big Fluffy Dog Rescue, you can click here.

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