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She Offered This Sloth A Flower And He Had The Best Reaction

Sloths are seen as adorable little creatures. Many people find them to be cute and cuddly animals, which would explain why there are so many efforts to save their populations.

At wildlife sanctuaries, similar to the one in the video below, visitors are taught about the little guys. For instance, did you know sloths are herbivores and eat flowers?

On a very special visit to Costa Rica’s Sloth Sanctuary, this woman offered a friendly one a bloom. But instead of taking it to nosh on, he reacted in the most incredible way ever!

Look at this lover boy!

Wasn’t that adorable?! Who knew that sloths could be such lovable little guys? The next time you are near a sloth, offer it a flower and see what happens. I hope it’s as cute as this. If you want to donate to this organization so you can see more lovable moments like this, head to the Sloth Sanctuary website.

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