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She Walked Into The Airport Terminal And Ran Toward Her Brand-New Family

Every adoption experience is different, but generally, there’s one thing in common with all of them: happiness.

The parents have finally found the missing piece to their family and the child has landed in their forever home. But it’s not always smooth going.

Language barriers can cause initial difficulties, but when it comes to this little Chinese girl joining her new family, the fact that she couldn’t speak English didn’t hold her back from showing true excitement and joy to find her home.

Fen’s parents shared these thoughts about the heartwarming moment:

She comes out from behind a curtain (our hearts skip a beat), squints (she needs glasses), takes a couple steps, spots Meg, proclaims “Mama? Mama!” and runs and leaps into her arms and gives a huge hug while repeating “Mama.” She says “I missed you.” She finds dad and says “Baba” and gives a big hug, then back to mom, then we see she’s wearing our “locket” necklace, then on her own she spots Charis (who was recording) and runs to her saying “sister” and hugs her, she spots Clay and runs to him saying “brother” and hugs him, she spots Mikaela and runs to her saying “sister” and hugs her, and then moves back to Mama. Just after the video cuts off, she literally jumps up and down and shouts for joy with the biggest smile you’ll ever see.

Since the family shared their “gotcha” moment with the world, they’ve let everyone in on other precious memories.

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This is so sweet.

Look how happy she is!

For now, most of the family is spending time together in China, getting to know one another and exploring Fen’s country. Soon, though, they’ll head home where the 11-year-old will meet the rest of her siblings. Altogether, there are six Fosters (three biological kids and three adoptive).

Of the supposed language barrier, Fen’s father, Michael Foster says, “She speaks love, and we speak love, so we’re communicating in that language right now.” We wish this new happy family all the luck in the world!

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