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She Was Almost Lifeless When Rescuers Found Her. This Will 100% Break Your Heart

When you bring a sweet animal companion into your home, you are making a promise to care for them, love them, and keep them safe from harm. Unfortunately, too many heartless people forget that as soon as any minor inconvenience arises. Instead of finding a compassionate solution, they simply toss the poor things aside.

This sad girl was the victim of that cruelty, abandoned in a field to starve and die alone.

Warning: the photos of her wounds are quite graphic.

She was curled up into a ball and disturbingly skinny.

She didn’t hesitate or put up any fight when rescuers approached her, barely able to move.

They immediately brought her to an emergency vet clinic.

Professionals began treating her wounds — she was covered in mange and sores.

But she never gave up, which inspired them to name her after Xena, the fierce warrior princess.

After a month, her coat is growing back.

The friendly girl finally has a chance at real happiness.

Of course, Xena will still require further treatment to get her all the way back on her feet. And those procedures don’t come cheap. If you’d like to donate to help keep this cutie healthy, visit their Facebook page for information as well as updates on her condition. She deserves all the love she can get.

Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/xena-dog-rescue/

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