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‘She Was Cold As Ice.’ Man Describes Heartbreaking Condition Of Two Abandoned Dogs

Dog fighting is a serious problem in the United States.

In 2007, it was estimated that more than 250,000 dogs were involved in dog fighting rings where they were forced to hurt each other for humans’ entertainment and monetary gain. What’s more, people being involved in dog fighting has been linked to domestic violence and other violence against human beings.

There are many police officers and animal rescues doing their best to put an end to this practice, and lawmakers have been cracking down. Every once in a while, however, we’re reminded of just how horrific it can be.

In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, two dogs were found in a park, near death. Warning: the images of the pups are incredibly graphic and upsetting.

Some dog food had been poured out on the ground, but they were too injured and emaciated to move. Russell Harper, the chief humane officer with Justice Rescue, described one as “cold as ice.”

The dogs, now named Gracie and Layla, are fighting for their lives in the ICU, where vets have determined what happened to them.

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They were involved in dog fighting, and in addition to those injuries, they were clearly beaten regularly. They were abused and neglected in every way.

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