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‘Smart kid’ responds to FLOTUS’ suggestion that he’s a ‘knucklehead’ [pic]


As Twitchy reported, last night, Michelle Obama offered up an Obamacare sales pitch on “The Tonight Show,” telling host Jimmy Fallon that “young people are knuckleheads.” Needless to say, it didn’t go over with actual young people — people like this guy:


Aw, yeah! In your face, FLOTUS!


That’s the spirit!


I love this!
"My son's response to being called a knucklehead by #FLOTUS :"
http://t.co/FURMMj937z” Smart Kid…"— AlfredTheGreat (@GreatThee) February 21, 2014


Let’s hope so! More young people like him would mean a brighter future for all of us.

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2014/02/21/smart-kid-young-person-responds-to-flotus-suggestion-that-hes-a-knucklehead-pic/

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