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Soccer fans cheer on U.S. in qualifying match


2014 Fifa World Cup qualifying has begun. Excited soccer fans cheer on the United States team as it faces Antigua and Barbuda in Tampa.

#USMNT up 2-0 at half. I can't complain if we're winning but I was hoping that we'd drop 10 goals on Antigua and Barbuda!

— Paul Talpos (@PaulTalpos) June 9, 2012

If USA doesn't beat this team I'm doing watching soccer.

— Neeik (@Nicholas_Salvas) June 9, 2012


I love watching soccer #USA ❤💙⚽🇺🇸

— Ashlen Rowe (@SMASHlenRowe) June 9, 2012

USA soccer puttin in work #USA

— Keith (@Lead_Foot_) June 9, 2012

USA up 2-0!!!! #USA #soccer

— Steven Weaver (@WeaverFever12) June 9, 2012

All I have done today is watch soccer. #Euro12 #WC #USA

— T.J. Pierce (@TJPIERCE14) June 9, 2012

@CoxBytes Antigua and Barbuda? Should I be admitting that I had never heard of it before? Not that you hired me for my geography knowledge.

— Josh Gershon (@JoshGershon) June 9, 2012

A big day for TV soccer in USA. Euro 2012

— Ian Darke (@IanDarke) June 8, 2012

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