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Social media speculators: Er, what if it’s not Paul Ryan?; Va. Gov. McDonnell gets buzz


As the frenzy over possible GOP VP candidate Paul Ryan continued through the wee hours of Saturday morning before the scheduled 8:45am announcement by the Romney campaign, some on Twitter were having second thoughts.

What if it’s not Ryan?

WAIT. What if it's not Ryan?

— CatsPolitics (@CatsPolitics) August 11, 2012

So what if we wake up in the morning and #Romney say gotcha and it's not #Ryan. I mean I doubt it will happen, but what if?

— Sade Hurst (@Sade_Hurst) August 11, 2012

@DRUDGE Romney announcing from USS WI in VA. If not Ryan, it's a rather elaborate misdirection…

— Gunner Aron (@GunnerAron) August 11, 2012

And if it's not Ryan, Romney's risking a lot of disappointed fiscal conservatives tomoro – even if he picks a rock-solid conservative.

— Jim Tankersley (@jimtankersley) August 11, 2012

I have a funny feeling it's not Ryan. Being hyped too much

— TriciaNC (@TriciaNC1) August 11, 2012

DONT' get your hopes up that it's Ryan. I would not put it past the Dem/media to misreport for political gain.

— American Elephant (@AmericnElephant) August 11, 2012

why am i spending my time looking at general aviation flights into norfolk, va? (nothing interesting – so i say it's not ryan)

— Michael Eisen (@mbeisen) August 11, 2012

@kelseylh If it's not Ryan, this is the ULTIMATE trial balloon.

— Jonathan Shorman (@jshormanNL) August 11, 2012

I am calling it now. No Way! It's not Ryan it's Jindal as VP. It's all too cute. In Va. At the USS Wisconsin. Who is that lame?

— Ruben Gallego (@RubenGallego) August 11, 2012

@RubenGallego Good analysis. It could be Army General Petraeus; Army base in the Norfok, VA area.

— Jose Penalosa (@JPenalosaLaw) August 11, 2012

Shut it. Twitter says so. RT @rachelveronica: And what if it's not Ryan?

— Michael McDonald (@meadabawdy) August 11, 2012

CNN & MSNBC are going to look dumber than usual (is that possible?) if it's not Ryan when the announcement is officially made tomorrow.

— Barbara Teixeira (@BarbArn) August 11, 2012

If it's not Ryan, Chuck Todd & everyone who based their reports on him (including @nationaljournal ) r going to look like complete idiots.

— littlepol (@littlepol) August 11, 2012


The MSM has its narrative set on Ryan:

RT: @politico: NBC News touts Paul Ryan break http://t.co/XMJvPCfE

— Luke Russert (@LukeRussert) August 11, 2012

BREAKING: Republican official: Romney chooses Paul Ryan for running mate

— The Associated Press (@AP) August 11, 2012

RT @politico: Mitt Romney has selected Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin to be his vice presidential running mate, GOP sources told POLITICO.

— AppVizzle (@TheHenry) August 11, 2012

Conservatives have their alternates’ lists ready:

Would love West too. "@SkiGarmisch: West. 😉 RT @Gabby_Hoffman: JINDAL RT: "@rachelveronica: And what if it's not Ryan?""

— Gabriella Hoffman (@Gabby_Hoffman) August 11, 2012

If it's not Ryan, it would have to be Rubio or Jindal to avoid a letdown

— joshbranson (@joshbranson) August 11, 2012

Some are raising questions about Va. GOP Gov. Bob McDonnell’s whereabouts/status, and placing their bets on him:

I'm predicting Bob McDonnell is the #VP later today. I don't care about these preliminary news reports.

— Adam Radman (@AdamRadman) August 11, 2012

@MelissaTweets A friend told me that McDonnell has been in seclusion since 8pm. #interesting

— Adam Radman (@AdamRadman) August 11, 2012

So has anyone heard whether VA Gov. Bob McDonnell got a phone call from Romney yet? #romney

— Shaun Kenney (@svkenney) August 11, 2012

@MelissaTweets I'm going with Bob McDonnell.

— Keith White (@Keethers) August 11, 2012

Crazy random idea: what if the real VP nod is to Bob McDonnell (VA Gov.), and the whole Paul Ryan/USS Wisconsin in Norfolk thing is a ruse?

— Matt Ford (@fordm) August 11, 2012

Maybe it’s time to stop speculating and get a few hours’ sleep until the actual announcement…

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