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Some Twitter users say Christopher Dorner is ‘kinda sexy,’ ‘I’d honestly hide Dorner in my house’


Not a day goes by without Twitter rolling over to expose its repulsive underbelly. The manhunt for suspected murderer Christopher Dorner inspired admirers to quickly jump to his defense and he has his own social media fan club. Dorner has also been hailed as a “hero,” a “modern day Django” and a “real life Rambo.”

And, like the accused Aurora shooter’s groupies, some say their admiration for Dorner goes even further.

That cop killer is kinda sexy tho

—Whit (@WhitneyNoCrack) February 8, 2013

It might be horrible to say but that Dorner guy is cute

— Soleil Moonpie(@ItsBeeRock) February 9, 2013

Yeah, I’m with @scumbagtanny.I wish Dorner weren’t so cute.

— Exodus Rex (@ExodusRex) February 9, 2013

Sitting in the dr office wondering what #dorner is up to…he kinda #sexy

— Enocha Black (@NochaBeeZee) February 8, 2013

Others say they’d gladly help the fugitive evade capture.

I would help the nigga Dorner out.

— fatgirlfelix (@theeitzel) February 9, 2013


I would honestly hide out Dorner.You go Glen-coco!!!!! Big bear is cold, but my shed is warm.

— Reanna Holland (@ReannaElaine) February 8, 2013

My mom said if she had a bunker, she’d hide Chris Dorner. Real shit I would too, like this was seriously disrespected.

— Missy (@deimbree) February 8, 2013

Fascinating typo:

I would hide Christ Dorner in my house. Idc.

— Rosa Sola. (@PennyyRoyal) February 8, 2013

Would I help Dorner out…I mean his life is over so I would let em sleep in the garage for a night

— Matt Johnson (@_mattvjohnson) February 9, 2013

My brother said if Chris Dorner knock on his door he giving him a hot free meal and a cot 😁

— rahb (@BertMaggert) February 9, 2013

I would definitely let Chris Dorner stay at my crib while he’s on-the-run/prowl. We can play some Madden or something, it’ll be a good time.

— Pat (@thatpatp) February 8, 2013

Dorner if you could read this , you can stay at my pad !

— S∆TIV∆ FITZGER∆LD(@hennecsippin) February 8, 2013

“@peterdtwit: Does Christopher Dorner have a Twitter account?”if he does, CHRISTOPHER, YOU CAN STAY AT MY HOUSE! I’m pulling for you man!!!

— sofa king cool (@311__) February 8, 2013

These are not Twitter accounts created for pro-Dorner trolling. Most of these accounts have thousands of tweets and are more than a year old.

Rather than pulling for Dorner’s capture and the safety of his targets, these lowlifes want to help a murder suspect hide from authorities … and maybe jump his bones while they’re at it.


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