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‘Sorry #Ferguson’: Michael Brown supporters react to AG’s resignation


After Attorney General Eric Holder announced he was leading an “aggressive” investigation into the Michael Brown shooting, he told reporters he hoped his visit to Ferguson, Mo., would have a “calming influence” on the area. That was in August, and the protests in Ferguson continue tonight, with looting breaking out again earlier this week.

We all know what the real nightmare scenario is with the announcement of Holder’s resignation, but what does it mean to the protestors of Ferguson and their supporters?

I'm sad that Eric Holder is resigning, but at least he unleashed a giant 'fuck you' on the ferguson police before he left. #DOJ #Ferguson

— Beefaroni (@ashleybuccille) September 26, 2014

Is that his “lasting legacy?”

#ferguson why did Holder give up? I thought he was down for the fight. Whatup?

— BOSSYhope and change (@happykarigirl) September 26, 2014

SMH. For Eric Holder to resign during the Ferguson investigation and ISIS war it had to he something "Scandal" bad. #cnn#holderresigns#obama

— Allen Love (@Allenlove) September 26, 2014

Why is Eric Holder resigning?!!…..the #Ferguson debacle??

— BEYNCEcallmeDVA (@BEYNCEcallmeDVA) September 26, 2014

Why do I get the feeling Eric Holder knows something we don't (yet) about Ferguson? Seems like he's getting out before the fuse blows.

— thymiane3000 (@thymiane3000) September 26, 2014

So I'm assuming Eric Holder resigned so he could be more extremely involved in Ferguson. Or I'll be sadly disappointed…

— young queen. (@KissMyJ_azz) September 26, 2014

Mr. Holder, respect is earned, and kept on a daily basis. You don't get to have respect when you have not deserved it. Ferguson alone…

— Jane McClain (@PlainJaneinCA) September 26, 2014

Mr. Holder, just how you have behaved to the town of Ferguson, a place you will never hang your hat, or open a small business. You are bad.

— Jane McClain (@PlainJaneinCA) September 26, 2014

It would be crazy if what happened in Ferguson and to Trayvon Martin has something to do with Eric Holder's resignation as Attorney General.

— Thomas (@ThomHaye) September 26, 2014

Resigning to cover his own ass is apparently more important to Holder than #Ferguson.

— MLPII (@mikepfingston2) September 26, 2014

Sorry #Ferguson that Holder left you hangin. He must have had better things to do.

— Smitty (@SmittySmittyT) September 26, 2014

@NewzFiend what did holder do for ferguson? u r still rioting there, looting, etc. pointless

— Gingersnap_ (@Gingersnap_) September 26, 2014

still kinda shock Eric Holder is stepping down with #Ferguson still on the table

— Joel Green (@meanjoelgreen) September 26, 2014

@petefrt another reason for holder to resign in disgrace. his visit to ferguson was an embarrassment.

— edgar sawtelle (@roninbaron) September 25, 2014

So Eric Holder goes to Ferguson to investigate and then just resigns? What kind of shit is that?

— El Kabong (@eye_nev) September 25, 2014

Eric Holder is resigning in the midst of the Federal investigation of Ferguson?! No!!

— Crystal Sweet (@MaliceSweet) September 25, 2014

Obama had Eric Holder go to Ferguson then resign. Uhm. Did he leave his notes?

— Ste|Lar (@SimplySassy1) September 25, 2014

#Ferguson Did anyone actually think Holder coming here for his photo op was going to fix and change anything? He isn't fucking batman.

— Alex (@AlexrelaxG) September 25, 2014

Wow Eric Holder resignation is kind of surprising to me. Wasn’t he just out campaigning for justice in #Ferguson like he’d be around awhile?

— TL (@Tilacore) September 25, 2014

they must have found some dirt on eric holder. something. something dont smell right. we can probably really forget about ferguson now. smh.

— E' (@mostsavagebeast) September 25, 2014

@jaredbkeller @Brown_Moses It's #Ferguson which enboldened #Holder to leave this oreo cookie corrupt muderous governmet #Obama

— Lucien Quincy Senna (@LucienSenna) September 25, 2014

Awww Eric Holder swooped into Ferguson, made a bunch of promises, and now disappears… I'm sure it's nothing personal

— DidSheSayThat (@SonnieJohnson) September 25, 2014

Eric Holder is OUT. He was Ferguson last hope. I bet they like….FUCK! #MikeBrown

— Trap God ︻╦╤ (@TrapTheGOD) September 25, 2014

I really believe the nonsense in ferguson had some type of influence on Holder resigning

— #JusticeForMikeBrown (@Drea_TheCreole) September 25, 2014

If Eric Holder resigns, what does that mean for #Ferguson ??? Just when I thought there would be justice for Mike Brown this happens.. smh

— LaShae Peterson (@Shae332) September 25, 2014

Eric Holder has left the family of #michaelbrown hanging and all the other families gunned down by these murdering kkkops. #ferguson

— Hak (@laidback_tongue) September 25, 2014

So does anybody know the real reason Eric Holder is resigning? Not the bullshit reason we being fed! #Ferguson http://t.co/wp87iPWcMu

— Furious Black (@verbal_riot) September 25, 2014

Was never sold on the "Federal Investigation" of MURDERER #Darrenwilson but Eric Holder running away just confirms the BULLSHIT! #Ferguson

— Furious Black (@verbal_riot) September 25, 2014




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