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Students Were Shocked And Awed By What They Saw When Class Started

Over the years, Barbies have become childhood staples. The creators of these iconic dolls manage to stay relevant by making new Barbies that kids can identify with, and their success shows no signs of stopping. Still, Barbies are earning a bit of a bad reputation.

These dolls have unrealistic bodies, which in turn gives young girls unhealthy ideas about what they should look like. It’s also problematic that Barbies have traditionally conveyed the message that women should remain in the home instead of working and doing jobs that they love. Fortunately, Barbie is growing with the times. Their most recent advertisement proves that they’re ready to empower young girls to follow their dreams.

Girls can grow up to be anything they want to be. There can never be enough positive, powerful images of women in the media for these little ones to look up to, and we’re glad that this company is taking accountability for its actions by turning playthings into little bits of inspiration.

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