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‘T-Bone’ and Cory Booker defeat Steve Lonegan for New Jersey US Senate seat


Cory Booker was able to bravely battle back Tea Party candidate Steve Lonegan, using only his overwhelming money advantage and celebrity status in the Democratic Party, to win the U.S. Senate seat for New Jersey.

Many suspect that what turned the tide for the puppy-saving, SNAP-challenging, liberal hero was the help of his imaginary friend, T-Bone!


We hear Barack Obama is nervous about Cory Booker joining the Senate and possibly trying to save the free-range puppies in the White House kitchen.


Full Twitchy coverage on Cory Booker

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2013/10/16/t-bone-and-cory-booker-defeat-steve-lonegan-for-new-jersey-u-s-senate-seat/

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