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Tap your kegs and fill ‘em with Haterade because Bristol Palin is back


She’s baaaack…

NY Post:

Bristol Palin will return to “Dancing with the Stars” this fall as part of the show’s first “all star” cast, ABC announced today.

“God provides you with opportunities,” she told The Post moments after the announcement in Los Angeles today. “You can either walk through those opportunities or sit back and watch other people walk through them. I just feel blessed that I have the opportunity to do this again.”

Palin, 21, is one of thirteen celebrities — including six former champions — who will be lacing up their dancing shoes on September 24.

Naturally, the Left is full of its usual vitriol:

Bristol Palin is returning to TV this fall in "Dancing WIth The Homophobic Stars."

— Frank Conniff (@FrankConniff) July 27, 2012

ALL Palins in my act…FOR LIFE! RT @JimJokester: Bristol Palin 2 b on DWTS all stars.Pls make.a joke now Love, 1 of ur gays

— Kathy Griffin (@kathygriffin) July 28, 2012

@ Bristol Palin Just another attention whore!!!! Like mother attention whore!!!! 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

— Paco (@pacoLAlife) July 28, 2012

just a huge FYI to anyone who wants to talk to me ever again..if you watch DWTS and support that evil bitch bristol palin, #wearedone.

— Joel Walton (@omgjoelwalton) July 28, 2012

@WendyWilliams Bristol Palin? Give it up you stupid whore! Surprised by this pathetic choice!

— roger harrell (@RogerHarrell) July 28, 2012

Bristol Palin is on #DWTS All-Stars?! Can that family just crawl back into the Alaskan wilderness and fade into obscurity already? Please.

— Vanessa G (@Vanessss4) July 27, 2012


Saturday morning update …  more hate:

Why is Bristol Palin still around? Can't she just fade back into obscurity like the rest of her white trash family?

— Hermit Chewbacca (@this_isbollocks) July 28, 2012


Fucking twat! RT @ENews: Dancing With the Stars: Bristol Palin Clashes With TV Critics: "I Like to Provide for My Son" http://t.co/FzakmDzZ

— Ali Sichilongo (@Ali_Star) July 28, 2012


Why is ABC rewarding bad and bigoted behavior by inviting Bristol Palin back on DWTS?! Seriously!! The bitch does nothing except look….

— Erik Nelson (@cluelessbutdumb) July 28, 2012

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