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#TeamSTXherry: Twitter users keep dying friend in their prayers

“What if God Were the Sun” by John Edward… Sherry will always be right there for us… #TeamSTXherry

— Posco Boggy-Hillocks (@gilcarvr) March 24, 2013

2 #TeamSTXherry enjoy as we raise up our voice in praise for @stxherry & the legacy of her life to all of us youtube.com/watch?v=EcxOkh…

— CHHR (@CHHR01) March 24, 2013

@STXherry is a conservative Texas Twitter activist who has touched many lives over the years. With more than 67,000 followers, she spread warmth, charm, faith, and a fierce, pro-Second Amendment spirit across social media.

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Her last tweet, as seen above, appeared in September. She was diagnosed with cancer and is now in hospice care. As she faces death, the conservative Twitter community is keeping her name and spirit alive. This weekend, #TeamSTXherry trended on Twitter.

“@rachellefriberg: @zephyrk9 @kamaainainoc AND #TeamSTXherry is trending again right now 🙂 –> twitter.com/RachelleFriber…

— M Mahathy (@mmahathy) March 23, 2013

And late into the night tonight, her loyal friends and family continue their vigil.

ALERT!!! @stxherry #TeamSTXherry BELOVED FRIEND/PATRIOT is in hospice DYING from end-stage bone cancer – PLZ SEND HER YOUR LOVING PRAYERS

— JB (@LadyHuntrFishr) March 24, 2013

NEVER SAY GOODBYE youtube.com/watch?v=YNlpxJ… …For Sherry and #TeamSTXherry

— ColorMeRed (@ColorMeRed) March 24, 2013

Dear Lord, please comfort this precious child of God @stxherry and grant strength & peace to her family. #TeamSTXherry

— Kelly(@KLSouth) March 22, 2013

Just heard about #TeamSTXherry, sending prayers her way, she is an amazing Patriot.. She brought a lot of us to twitter.. God Bless You..

— Charles Marinello (@BestRepoMan) March 24, 2013

#TeamSTXherry Makes me so proud to be a peep. When my Dad was in the place @stxherry is now, she & other Twitter buds prayed w/me. God bless

— Shari Shevetz (@starzrg) March 24, 2013

#TeamSTXherry #God please comfort us as we get accustom to @stxherry big move to a new address. Wrap you arms around her and her family.

— CJinTX (@TellTheTruth1) March 24, 2013

@stxherry You are so loved by so many..May you find comfort in that love. Prayers for you and yours this night. #TeamSTXherry

— Patsy Conreaux (@patsymom) March 24, 2013

God be with you ’till we meet again @stxherry. #TeamSTXherry

— LibertysArmyJr (@LibertysArmyJr) March 24, 2013

Beautiful=> @jimmymciver: #TeamSTXherry keep those prayers coming 4 Sherry, we are with her in ths song youtube.com/watch?v=2UWx-s…

— Sassy Cowgirl (@sassyandcowgirl) March 24, 2013

G’nite and God Bless #TeamSTXherry many thanks again on behalf of @stxherry ‘s family for the thoughts & prayers of friends & strangers

— Sher(@ZephyrK9) March 24, 2013

In honor of @stxherry I have followed everyone in the #TEAMSTXherry twitter feed. A small gesture I know, but with many prayers as well

— Anthony Reed (@AZMatador) March 24, 2013

I thank God every day for #Patriots like @stxherry #TeamSTXherry

— Lisa (@deepbluesealove) March 24, 2013

Request from Cousin Gil, asking for all #TeamSTXherry folks to wrap arms of love around @zephyrk9 who flew in to care for our gal

— Posco Boggy-Hillocks (@gilcarvr) March 23, 2013

Request from Cousin Gil, asking for all #TeamSTXherry folks to wrap arms of love around @jimmymciver who helped seek all treatment options

— Posco Boggy-Hillocks (@gilcarvr) March 23, 2013

bueños sueños mi #TeamSTXherry amigos/amigas, Cousin Gil needs sleep, passing the reigns to twttr nightowls an (…) hotot.in/2139178

— Posco Boggy-Hillocks (@gilcarvr) March 24, 2013

Our Gal’s still with us, but #TeamSTXherry realizes she’s been teaching us “How Can I Help You Say Goodbye” youtube.com/watch?v=cjNwwX…

— Posco Boggy-Hillocks (@gilcarvr) March 24, 2013

Keep it going! And Godspeed, @STXherry. One person can make a difference — and you have left an enduring, Texas-sized footprint.

How about we keep #TeamSTXherry trending, while we keep Sherry in our thoughts and prayers?

— Dagan K (@dagank4) March 24, 2013

RT @zephyrk9: #TeamSTXherry ur tweets r being read by @stxherry ‘s family~ur prayers r VERY MUCH appreciated~family thanks u feeling th luv!

— Jimmy McIver (@JimmyMcIver) March 23, 2013


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