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That one friend


Who doesn’t have a friend like these? Twitter lets us know all about their one friend. You know, like, #WeAllGotThatOneFriend‬ who goes on Twitter to complain about us to the world.

Just kidding. They aren’t all bad.

#WeAllGotThatOneFriend That call everybody ugly. Little do they know they ugly they self

— iBlackguy (@iBlackguy) June 4, 2012

#WeAllGotThatOneFriend who is socially awkward and very weird.. #myself

— jessie spinach Ⓥ (@jessiespinach) June 5, 2012


#weallgotthatonefriend who you care about more than anything but you feel worthless to them.

— Autumn Fineran (@BubblyAudi) June 5, 2012

#WeAllGotThatOneFriend dat yu gt a crush on but yyu don't wnna tell em

— Ralph.O (@SLIM_RIO) June 5, 2012

#WeAllGotThatOneFriend that one wants to be more then friends.

— Tony ☝️ (@Anthony_Wiegand) June 5, 2012


#WeAllGotThatOneFriend that acts different around other people.!

— Courtneyy Bailey (@c_bailey7) June 5, 2012

#WeAllGotThatOneFriend that forget about us because they're in a relationship..

— Ronnie✌️ (@Ambitionz2winn) June 5, 2012


#WeAllGotThatOneFriend that loves pickin on people but cries if they get made fun of

— Lean Jones (@Parlanti_) June 5, 2012

#WeAllGotThatOneFriend that you always have to take care of at parties. But you do it because you love them. 🙂

— Weini (@xoWeini) June 5, 2012

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