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The 19 Rudest Celebrity Encounter Stories Ever

The 19 Rudest Celebrity Encounter Stories Ever



Apparently, the Maroon 5 frontman isn’t as sweet as sugar. One fan allegedly asked Levine for an autograph, and he refused, replying “I don’t give autographs to ugly chicks.”



According to an employee at a menswear store in New York, Orlando Bloom once parked his motorcycle in the middle of the sidewalk in front of the store and came in without a shirt on and yelled across the store trying to find his “bro.” Apparently, Bloom picked out clothes for several hours and when he checked out, asked for the “Orlando Bloom is wearing your shirt discount.”


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One man was shopping at a Rite Aid when he turned at the end of the aisle and ran into Mandy Moore while holding a bunch of items. Instead of helping him pick up the stuff he dropped, Moore instead just stood there and stared down at him, according to the man. After he got all his stuff together, he got into the check out line only to have Moore behind him huffing and puffing about how she was in a huge hurry. The guy went to a smoothie shop afterwards, and as fate would have it, Moore walked in and got in line right behind him, still vocally impatient. To get some revenge on how she treated him at Rite Aid, the man purposely asked a number of questions to the cashier before ordering his smoothie, while Moore fumed.MANDY MOORE

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One caddy witnessed the ruder side of basketball legend Michael Jordan. After caddying for him one day, all of the other players had tipped their caddies except for Jordan. The caddy asked Jordan if everything was all right because he was about to leave, and Jordan allegedly responded, “What, do you want a tip? You should feel lucky to carry my clubs.”

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One flight attendant had the distinct displeasure of taking care of Martha Stewart. Apparently, Stewart boarded the plane with a large fur coat, so the flight attendant offered to hang it in the first class coat closet for her. She refused and insisted that she keep it on the seat next to her. When the passenger who had the seat arrived, Stewart is said to have angrily threw her coat at the flight attendant and told him to find a suitable place for her coat. He snuck it into the closet.

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One girl who grew up near Pete Wentz has never had a good experience with him. She says that Wentz would sleep around with all of her friends when Fall Out Boy was just starting to make it big and it wound up being a never-ending contest to win his attention. One of her friends invited her over one day and Wentz was sitting in the corner of her room, not even looking up when the girl entered or ever saying anything even when spoken to. Later, at the girl’s birthday, she was kicked out of the bar because Wentz wanted privacy, but not before Ashlee Simpson stepped on her foot.

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One fan of “The Nanny” got to meet Fran Drescher thanks to some connections. Her agent arranged for Drescher to visit their apartment for a glass of wine. Apparently, the actress was three hours late and when the fan went to shake her hand, she limply offered hers and looked away. The guy told her how much of a fan he was, to which she simply replied “That’s nice, where’s the wine?”

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One NBC intern found out that Matthew Perry is not as kind and fun as Chandler Bing in person. Apparently, he threw a huge tantrum and refused to participate during a press tour for “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip” because he wasn’t given a sugar-free Red Bull. He did the bare minimum he was asked to do then had his publicist get a car for him, only to refuse it and use another car he arranged for himself. At the end of the day, the publicist was allegedly in tears over how poorly she was treated.

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According to one hotel worker in Dallas, before Janet Jackson entered the building, a group of security guards came in to tell everyone to stop what they were doing and stand behind a line with their eyes downward. Jackson apparently had demanded that nobody even look at her.

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One eight-year-old girl was lucky enough to attend an advanced screening of “The Mask of Zorro” with the cast and crew. When she met Catherine Zeta Jones, she excitedly told the star “I want to be an actress!” Zeta Jones looked at the girl and allegedly said, “You’re pretty enough, I suppose.”

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Not only does Jon Stewart find Hugh Grant to be one of the worst guests he’s ever had, but a bouncer at a pub also found Grant to be an incredibly rude person. Grant brought a young girl to a pub one night, and when she wasn’t let in for not having an ID, Grant allegedly began yelling at the bouncer. He said “Do you know who I am?” and “I bet you don’t even have an education.”

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A pair of college-aged friends headed to a skate park in lower Manhattan back in 2008 to smoke a joint. The skate park was abandoned, except for one skater and his girlfriend watching by a wall. Although the two friends realized that the two other people were Dax Shepherd and Kristen Bell, they were content keeping their distance, until they realized that the lighter they brought was empty. They watched Bell light up with Shepherd, then they walked over just to ask for a light, to which she angrily responded “No” and then allegedly reprimanded them for not having their own lighter.

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An airport worker saw the not-so-friendly side of “American Idol” host Ryan Seacrest one day. The man worked on the general aviation side of the airport, and was escorting a jet when Seacrest allegedly grabbed his shoulder and demanded ice for his aircraft. When the worker protested that that wasn’t his job and that he was in the middle of escorting a multi-million dollar jet, Seacrest demanded to speak to a manager. The manager told Seacrest to get lost.

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Imagine looking at the car next to you at a stoplight and seeing Harrison Ford in the driver’s seat. That’s what happened to one person in Reading, Pennsylvania. When a driver noticed a sports car next to him at a red light, he looked over to see the “Indiana Jones” star in the flesh. Right when the driver recognized Ford, the actor supposedly flipped him off and drove away!

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At the height of “Friends” popularity, Lisa Kudrow came to a small indie movie theater that didn’t accept credit cards. Understandably, Kudrow was annoyed that she couldn’t pay for her ticket with a card, but she stayed angry after the worker pointed out an ATM just a few steps away. Apparently she even dropped a “Do you even know who I am?” because she was so angry at something the the worker couldn’t help.

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He may be an Olympic hero, but that doesn’t make Michael Phelps a great person. According to the groomsman at a wedding in Denver, Phelps and more than ten of his friends allegedly showed up uninvited at the wedding where nobody knew any of them personally and began to drain the open bar. The wedding party had to confront him and allegedly escort him out.

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Being famous involves a lot of attention, which can become annoying when you’re just trying to go about your day, but that’s no reason to insult your fans. One fan of Hollywood star Megan Fox allegedly asked her for an autograph on a street in San Diego. Fox apparently responded by telling her bodyguard to, “Get this disgusting creep away from me.”

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One kid from John Mayer’s hometown was taking guitar lessons from Mayer’s guitar teacher. After Mayer became well-known, the teacher hung up a poster of him out of pride. When Mayer came back to visit, however, the boy saw him get visibly upset at the sight of the poster. Later Mayer allegedly threatened to sue the man who taught him guitar for “using his face as advertisement.”

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One mall worker had a nasty encounter with celebrity chef Rachael Ray when she was visiting for a book signing. He was sitting by Ray while they waited for something, and since there was an awkward silence, he decided to ask her how her day was. Without even looking up from her Blackberry, Ray supposedly uttered, “Don’t talk to me.”

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