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The Before-And-After Transformations Of These Old, Worn Out Things Are So Satisfying

Have you ever looked at something old and worn out and thought that it’s such a shame that it needs to be thrown away?

Some people definitely have the vision to see what a piece of furniture or older object looked like in its glory days. Even fewer have the willpower and knowhow to actually restore it to what it used to be. But there is a community dedicated to making one person’s trash another person’s treasure. These 23 transformations totally blew me away.

1. This thing looked pretty hopeless, but now it’s a beautiful addition to the front porch.

2. Some careful scrubbing and polishing went down and these numbers are shining again!

3. Brass candlesticks are hard to come by, so restoring this pair to its original glory is a worthwhile endeavor.

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4. Restoring tools and other work items used to be a necessity and is still a hobby for many craftsmen. This cement mixer from 1971 still has life in it yet!

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5. This crazy contraption is a soap dish, entirely made of brass, looks gorgeous now!

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6. This is actually insane. Amazing work!

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7. Found in a thrift shop, this cezve began rusted and dark. Look at it now!

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8. YAAAAAS! Bring Dance Dance Revolution back into my life!

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9. This chair made by a famous chair company had seen better days. Now it has a whole new life!

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10. He went to the graveyard and wanted to honor the combat veterans there by making their names legible again.

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11. The Toledo company still makes scales today, but this old one needed some TLC.

Imgur / Rapola

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12. Before television, there was radio, and this one looks like it got a lot of love in its heydey. Now it can sing on.

Reddit / poeticmatter

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13. You’d think a waterlogged book would be lost forever, but this Japanese craftsman is making them good as new.


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