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The Freakiest, Lesser-Known Urban Legends That Exist In Every State

Every state in the U.S. is unique and has its history and laws. That is what makes this country beautiful and diverse!

Unsurprisingly enough, many states also have their own horrifying urban legends. These spooky stories have origins found in both local lore…and classic, worldly myths that have traveled thousands of miles from their homelands.

These unique urban legends were originally compiled by Thought Catalog. Which ones have you heard of?

1. Arkansas – The Dog Boy

Gerald Floyd Bettis was rumored to be a deranged lunatic that gained satanic powers by performing awful experiments on his dog.

2. Georgia – Baby Bridge

Many states have “crybaby bridges,” and they’re all terrifying. This urban legend was formed when a poor farming family was expecting a fifth child. The father, knowing that the family couldn’t afford another baby, had the baby killed by the doctor, who threw it off a bridge. It is said that the baby still haunts the bridge to this day.

3. Illinois – Creepy Clown

A man dressed in a creepy clown costume was said to lure children into his van and do unspeakable things to them. The man was never caught by police and the legend still haunts the area to this day.

4. Alabama – Hell’s Gate Bridge

Locals believe that if you drive your car onto this bridge and stop, when you turn around, you’ll be able to see the fiery gates of Hell.

5. Colorado – Denver Airport Is A Satanic Church

Rumor has it that before the completion of the Denver airport, they ran out of money. A hodgepodge of builders was recruited to complete the job and, apparently, they included occult imagery.

6. Iowa – The Black Angel

The Black Angel is a memorial built in honor of Ruth Anne Dodge, a woman who allegedly had visions of angels. People say that if you visit the memorial at night, it will disappear or its eyes will glow.

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7. Indiana – Crosley Monster

Indiana’s version of Bigfoot is a 7-foot-tall behemoth that scares people across the state.

8. Connecticut – Melonheads

When a local insane asylum burned down, the inmates supposedly emerged with grotesque appearances as a result of inbreeding and cannibalism. Those inmates are what inspired The Melonhead legend.

9. Arizona – The Dutchman’s Goldmine

Apparently, immigrant Jacob Waltz found a mine full of gold in Arizona during the Gold Rush, but numerous people have come searching for it, only to end up dead in the hot Arizona sun.

10. California – Alien Blood Poisons Hospital

A woman named Gloria Ramirez came into a hospital in California. During her ER trip, her blood was drawn…and then her skin changed and a foul odor began to fill the area. It was so bad, the ER had to be evacuated. It was thought that her blood was alien.

11. Hawaii – Night Marchers

This Hawaiian legend states that there is a band of soldiers that haunts land they lost and they are looking to avenge their deaths.

12. Idaho – Haunted High School

Many paranormal activities have been seen at a high school in Idaho that has been deemed haunted. Ghostly figures have been seen on security camera footage and lights will flicker on and off.

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13. Alaska – The Bushmen

Alaska’s version of Bigfoot is known as The Bushmen. It was said they lived in harmony with the Inuit of Alaska, until one day an Inuit killed one of the Bushmen, they then scattered all over the forests of Alaska.

14. Florida – The Devil’s Chair

This legend says that if you leave an opened beer on the Devil’s Chair in the Cassadaga cemetery, when morning comes, it will be empty due to the Devil’s thirst for beer.

15. Delaware – Mr. Chews

A judge named Samuel Chews was the subject of much mockery due to his name. People would say, “Ah, Chews” like a sneeze and it made his skin crawl. He is said to haunt those who made fun of his name.

16. Nevada – Area 51

(Duh, right?) Area 51 is home to many alien encounter theories and UFO sightings. It’s one of the most famous focal points of American urban legends.

17. Mississippi – Secret Disease

Locals believe that the government created a disease and infected women with it. The virus caused otherwise non-violent women to go on killing sprees – and target men.

18. New Hampshire – Alien Abduction

Allegedly, a couple was driving along a deserted road and encountered bright lights above them. They thought they stopped and stared at the lights for a few moments…but in reality, hours had passed. This common tale and time loss are associated with alien abductions (and have occurred all over the country).

19. Montana – Lake Monster

In a Montana lake, there is supposedly a giant fish that the locals fear. There’s speculation as to what the giant creature is…but even if no one is certain, the myth keeps people out of the water.

20. Nebraska – Spooky (Explosive) Bunnies

Farmers in Nebraska were bored one night and, according to legend, passed the time by torturing bunnies. They strapped fireworks to the rabbits and watched the chaos ensue…that is until one of the rabbits turned on them and attacked the farmers as it exploded.

21. Maryland – The Goatman

“Goatman” may sound like the name of the world’s worst super hero, but in Maryland, the name strikes fear into the hearts of men. He is said to be a scientist that performed experiments on goats, only one of his experiments backfired and caused this man to go on a murderous rampage.

22. Massachusetts – Taunton State Hospital

The legend here is that the staff couldn’t cure their patients, so they turned to satanism and performed rituals on the dying.

23. Kansas – The Hamburger Man

Hamburgers may not be inherently scary, but this story is. “The Hamburger Man” is a guy who was deformed in a house fire…and will attack and haunt anyone who dares trespass on his hill.

24. Louisiana — Ellerbe Road “Demon” School

According to local legend, a janitor that worked at this school used to abduct, torture, and murder children. After those terrifying crimes, satanic cult members would gather at the school. The area still draws people to it to this day.

25. Kentucky – Sleepy Hollow Road

(No, not THE Sleepy Hollow, but just as scary.) People claim to hear the cries of babies that were left for dead on the road. Not only that, but locals also say that hearses can be seen crawling along the road – but they don’t have a driver.

26. Minnesota – Dead Man’s Trail

The ghost of a Native American murderer is said to haunt this path in Minnesota, so think twice before you cross it.

27. Michigan – The Michigan Triangle

This area of Lake Michigan has a story very similar to the Bermuda Triangle. The triangular area of the lake has allegedly claimed countless victims in a mysterious fashion (although the real culprit may be harsh winter storms and not the paranormal).

28. Missouri – Dead Body Hotel

A hotel in Missouri kept receiving complaints about a strange odor coming from one room. When housekeeping came up to inspect the odor, they found that there was a dead body under the bed.

29. New Jersey – The Jersey Devil

No, the New Jersey Devil isn’t just a NHL team mascot. According to legend (which has multiple versions), Mrs. Leeds predicted that her 13th child would be a demon. One of the stories claim that, during a storm, she gave birth to the baby…which, after birth, transformed into the Jersey Devil. It attacked everyone in the room and flew into the pine barrens, haunting the area to this day.

30. Maine — The Mackworth Island Tree

The tree may not seem spooky at first glance, but the Mackworth Island Tree is supposedly haunted by Native Americans. They carved their faces into the tree and haunted the settlers that dared to move onto their land.

31. South Dakota – Ghost Joggers

This legend states that two university students were killed while jogging on a dark and lonely road in South Dakota. Because of such a random and violent crime, their spirits haunt the stretch of road to this day.

32. New Mexico – The Chupacabra

The Chupacabra is a legendary cryptid that has been spotted in New Mexico, but also other areas of the Southwest and Mexico. The “goat sucker” is said to attack farm animals and drain them of their blood.

33. Ohio – Satan’s Hollow

This old sewer system is said to be haunted by deranged ghosts and one particularly scary chap named “The Shadowman.” They are believed to be part of an old satanic cult that were made sacrifices to the dark lord.

34. Pennsylvania – The Cult House and Devil’s Road

On a road in Pennsylvania, there is said to be a house that is heavily guarded by black SUVs. Locals believe this house is home to members of the KKK or a satanic cult…or maybe even a wealthy family with dark secrets.

35. Oregon – Crater Lake

This looks like a beautiful and unassuming lake, but it holds a darker past than most people realize. Hikers have been known to find mutilated bodies along certain paths and it is said that Bigfoot (yes, another Bigfoot) lives in the surrounding forest.

36. Utah – Killer Cops

Serial killer Ted Bundy would apparently dress up like a police officer and hunt down victims for his sick and twisted murders. It led people in Utah to distrust the police for a long time for fear that they were more concerned with murdering citizens than protecting and serving them.

37. Tennessee – Skinning Tom

Tom was a man who fell in love with a woman that he didn’t know was already married. When the woman’s husband found out that his wife had been cheating on him, he found the guy that was doing the deed and skinned him. Now, the ghost of Skinless Tom haunts lover’s lane and passes on his pain to those who cross his path.

38. Rhode Island – The Conjuring House

2013’s horror film “The Conjuring” was based on a real house that was said to be haunted by an evil witch named Bathsheba who cursed the land.

39. North Carolina – The Beast of Bladenboro

Originating in the 1950s, this legend haunted farmers in the area. Their livestock was being mutilated, so the frightened farmers believed a giant wolf or predatory cat was the culprit. The town once organized a hunt for the creature, but afterwards, the attacks stopped.

40. New York – The Rake

New York’s legendary creep is The Rake. It is said that if you look The Rake in the eyes, you will begin to feel such extreme emotions, your body will be overwhelmed…and you’ll die.

41. North Dakota – UFO Invasions

There have been numerous UFO sightings in North Dakota, but skeptics explained away the instances as strange aircraft sightings or clouds. However, locals are convinced that the North Dakota area is a hotspot for UFO activity.

42. Oklahoma – Hex House

A woman named Carol Smith used to perform loud and elaborate rituals in her house in Tulsa. Her neighbors became fed up with the noise and called the cops on her. The cops were shocked to find people caged in her basement. Now, the “Hex House” is a hotbed of paranormal activity.

43. South Carolina – The Lizard Man

The Lizard Man has been known to terrorize the people of South Carolina by scratching up their cars or even biting into them.

44. Texas – Galveston Ghost Face

A medical school building is said to be haunted by the ghost of its previous owner. Apparently, his face will appear throughout the building, both on the inside and outside.

45. Vermont – The Bennington Triangle

People have disappeared in Vermont’s version of The Bermuda Triangle on numerous occasions. Some believe it is Bigfoot, some believe it is UFOs, but the fact of the matter is that people are afraid to step foot in this area of Vermont.

46. Wisconsin – Surgeon Experiments

A plastic surgeon in Wisconsin was said to perform horrific experiments on his patients. Glen Tucker was his name, and once he was found out, he killed his wife, cat, and then himself.

47. Virginia – The Bunny Man

No, this isn’t an Easter Bunny-type scenario. Rumors began to swirl about a man dressed in a bunny costume carrying an axe near Fairfax, Virginia. He was believed to have escaped from an insane asylum after going on a murderous rampage.

48. Washington – The 13 Steps To Hell

In Washington’s Maltby’s Cemetery, it is believed that there is a tomb with steps leading down into it. If you walk down 13 steps and turn around, you’ll see the gates of Hell.

49. Wyoming – The Incident

A hacker found a way to interrupt the airwaves in Wyoming and played a video of disembodied human heads displaying various emotions and poses. It caused panic in the area…and now, people refer to it as “The Incident.” TV static will never be the same.

50. West Virginia – Flatwoods Monster

Two brothers reported seeing a 10-foot-tall monster one day in 1952 after spotting a mysterious ball of fire pulsating and floating in the sky.

Well, it’s official, there is no place safe to be in the United States. There is a ghost, UFO, or some sort of monster haunting almost every place you could go. I think it’s time we throw in the towel and allow these macabre beings to haunt us for the rest of time.

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