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The Note This Killer Left At The Scene Will Make Your Blood Run Cold

Perhaps the only thing creepier than a crime scene with no clues…is one with a clue that the killer wants to be found.

Last month, police discovered the bodies of a married couple in their San Jose home, both shot to death. As if that wasn’t terrible enough, the killer allegedly left not one but two foreboding messages scrawled in the house.

Tragedy struck a quiet San Jose cul-de-sac when Golam and Shamima Rabbi, ages 59 and 57 respectively, were found dead in their home with gun wounds.

Friends of the family went into the Rabbis’ home to check on them and found their bodies, along with two disturbing messages from the killer.

The first one was scrawled on the floor and read, “Sorry my first kill was clumsy.”

The other message was written in the same permanent marker, this time on a wall. It read, “I can’t be like you, telling a lie. I can’t love someone without telling them.”

(via Global News)

Due to the implication of the second note, police don’t believe these murders were just random acts of violence, and the case’s suspect is believed to be someone the family knew. The Rabbis were part of the close-knit Bangladeshi community in San Jose and are survived by their two sons in their late teens/early 20s.

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