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The top 15 liberal pick up lines


What exactly do liberals say to pick each other up? That’s a mystery that’s haunted the world for ages. Thankfully these 15 tweets have finally provided some insight into #LiberalPickupLines.

#LiberalPickupLines Hey, wanna check out some headwinds?

— J Tapp (@HashtagProphet) June 11, 2012

My mom lives with ME #liberalpickuplines

— Uncle Crumpty (@UncleCrumpty) June 11, 2012

"Your parents' basement or my parents' basement?" #LiberalPickUpLines

— Alicia Layne (@Alicia701) June 11, 2012

#LIBERALpickuplines Do you occupy here often?

— John R. Dykstra (@John_R_Dykstra) June 11, 2012


I can't speak for America, but my private sector's #doingfine. #LiberalPickUpLines

— JDG (@OmniActual) June 11, 2012

Ever heard of a 'waitress sandwich'? #LiberalPickUpLines

— JDG (@OmniActual) June 11, 2012

#liberalpickuplines Hey baby, how about I buy you a 16oz soda? I just cashed my unemployment check!

— Palate Exposure (@PalateXposure) June 11, 2012

Your favorite book is 'The Audacity of Hope'? NO WAY, ME TOO! #LiberalPickupLines

— Chris Robert (@HaoleChris) June 11, 2012

I love the smell of patchouli oil in the morning #LiberalPickupLines

— Michael Horton (@MplsLorax) June 11, 2012

#LiberalPickupLines TruthTeam confirms: you are smokin' hot!

— Usuallyrite (@usuallyrite) June 11, 2012

#LiberalPickupLines Hey Baby Let me Alinsky your Soros

— Candi Taylor (@candi_taylor68) June 11, 2012

#LiberalPickUpLines I bought you an I Pod and I put all of Obamas speeches on it for you.

— 유N and her dog ⪢ᵟᴥᵟ⪡ (@mattersofmedia) June 11, 2012

#LiberalPickupLines can I pick you up on my bike?

— Go Right With Jane (@janie_austin) June 11, 2012

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