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These 18 Mighty Dads Might Just Be Superheroes In Training

I don’t think a lot of people realize just how much work goes into being a father.

Moms are absolute champions, but it isn’t easy having both the X and Y chromosome, either. Trust me…I know. Being a dad seems like a whole different ball game. Some might even go as far as to say that these gents are superheroes in disguise.

But fear not, because these 18 awesome fathers have revealed their secret identities (and their sons and daughters are better off because of it).

1. Thank goodness for this dad’s quick reflexes.

2. He quite literally takes the cake.

3. “With my dad, nothing is impossible!”

4. “My papa is one of a kind!”

5. Just this once, it’s okay to wake Daddy.

6. They’re always there to pick us up when we fall.

7. Crisis averted.

8. What a catch!

9. This dad takes virtual reality to the next level.

10. These two should definitely make the cheer team.

11. Watch out! Cool dad coming through!

12. This is some next-level multitasking.

13. He knows the power of a stunning Instagram selfie!

14. Being both dad and hairstylist isn’t always easy, but this guy is a champion.

15. “Megan…I am your father.”

16. That had “concussion” written all over it.

17. He is the best!

18. Sometimes, dads just need to dance it out with their little ones. We love them for it.

I can’t wait to one day have children of my own so that I can be a superhero in someone else’s eyes. What’s your most epic dad moment of all time?

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