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These 20 Animals Experiencing Their First Snow Days Are Too Good For This World

Part of the fun in raising pets from babies is that you get watch them reacting to their firsts.

And one big first for our little buddies is that fluffy blanket of snow that covers the ground during the cold months. If you love seeing those fat snowflakes fall at the beginning of the season, just imagine the curiosity and wonder you’d feel in those moments having never seen it at all. These 20 cats and dogs had similar feelings when they witnessed snow for the first time — but we can’t say they all had positive experiences!

1. “Let me back in right this instant!”

2. You get an A for (terrifying) enthusiasm, buddy.

3. “Now you see me, now you don’t!”

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4. “I. AM. DONE.”

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5. “She is not impressed.”

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He’s never felt snow before!

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7. “No no no no no no no no!”

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8. “It’s so beautiful.”

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10. “I don’t think he likes that whole winter idea.”

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11. “OMGOMGOMG snow!”

Reddit / savagepirate

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12. “Tastes like happiness.”

Reddit / Slayer128

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14. Looks like the little guy is fitting right in.

Imgur / stephy151

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15. “Wut iz dis, hooman?!”

Reddit / dax268

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16. Perfect timing.

Reddit / rcinferno

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17. “See the snow. Feel the snow. Be the snow.”

Reddit / please_agree

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18. Instant regret.

Reddit / Mexispan

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19. “Well, I’m screwed.”

Imgur / PixelEffect

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20. “Just leave me here.”

Reddit / Cylon_Skinjob

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