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These 25 Adorable Animals Are Super Pumped That Fall Is Here

As is the case with many people, my favorite season has been summer for most of my life.

Over the past few years, however, I’ve gained a new appreciation for the time of year when the nights get chilly and the leaves change color. It might just be because I’m out of school and no longer have to dread homework and tests, but I’m pleasantly surprised to find that I now look forward to fall.

These animals know exactly what I mean, because if faced with a choice between summer and fall, they’d definitely pick the latter. Whether they’re playing in leaves or chowing down on delicious pumpkins, these critters love the cool season like nobody’s business.

1. Jack-o’-bunnies really need to be a thing.

2. “Autumn is the most wonderful time of the year!”

3. A pile of leaves, or the most fun thing ever?

4. “Can you rake these so I can swim in them?”

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5. It was love at first sight for this cutie.

6. “If you need me, I’ll be under all these leaves.”

7. “I’m in heaven.”

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8. That’s probably the most excited tiger I’ve ever seen.

9. There’s nothing like taking that first sniff of crisp, fall air.

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10. That actually looks pretty cozy.

11. He could do this all day long.

12. “Just leave me here, please.”

13. “This is even better than catnip!”

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14. Who needs pie when you can just eat the pumpkin?

15. “I’m saving this for when winter comes.”

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16. “Dis my punkin.”

17. “I carved it all by myself.”

18. This adorable rabbit can’t get enough of those leaves.

19. “Can it be fall forever?”

20. Excuse me while I die from all this cuteness.

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21. The best part of fall is watching your favorite team play.

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22. I wonder if this little guy makes cute noises while he eats like our friend Teddy Bear does.

23. Is that not the happiest little pig you’ve ever laid your eyes on?

24. “I finally understand what this whole pumpkin spice craze is about!”

25. Good luck ever getting rid of that pile.

Who else can’t wait to buy pumpkins for their pets? Something tells me my cats are going to have an absolute blast with them.

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