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These Dreamy, Opulent Photos Will Transport You To Wonderland

You would be hard pressed to find anyone who wouldn’t agree that photographer Kirsty Mitchell is dedicated to her craft. Her project Wonderland, which sees fantastical, opulent costumes in beautiful natural settings, took her six years to complete.

Mitchell began the project after the death of her mother in 2009.

She created this collection in her honor.

The series, which Mitchell describes as a “storybook without words,” was inspired by the memory of her mom, Maureen’s, love of books.

Mitchell worked slowly and carefully, sometimes waiting up to a year for the right weather and plant growth to roll around.

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The various seasons show the passage of time.

The characters were inspired by the fairy tales that her mother read to her as a child.

She made it her mission to channel Maureen’s amazing spirit.

Mitchell’s friends helped her stage the shoots.

No additional makeup artists or stylists were used in the production of this collection.

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With a background in art history and fashion, the eccentric photos came together in what Mitchell describes as a “natural process.” She channeled the joy of her memories and the pain of her loss to create them in a natural, intuitive way.

Although the project stemmed from sadness and grief, it helped Mitchell heal.

She’s aware that there’s an air of sadness in some of the photos, and she allowed it to remain.

She wants every photo to feel authentic.

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You can see much more of Mitchell’s photography on her website, including the rest of Wonderland, and you can check out her other collections while you’re at it. If you love this series, order a copy of the photo book through Mitchell’s Kickstarter.

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