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These Face Swaps Are Hilarious And Terrifying At The Same Time

Photoshop technology has gotten pretty advanced. Most of it is really incredible, but then there is the act of face swapping. This happens when you Photoshop someone’s face onto another person’s face in the picture. The results are hilarious and terrifying.

Take a look at some of the most ridiculous face swaps we’ve ever seen.

1. “Baby-faced” just got a whole new definition.

2. Slam it down, Mike!

3. Nice to meet you.

4. Give this guy a treat!

5. Santa is on the run!

6. Trippy.

7. Woody has never looked so terrifying.

8. Love at first bite.

9. Feed the granny!

10. Look at the rim face. Scary.

11. Dad’s taking the kids to the pool!

12. Celebrate!

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13. The perfect couple.

14. Baby daddy.

15. Well…there’s that.

16. Who decided to do this?!

17. Nice day at the beach.

18. Finally! The face swap we’ve been waiting for.

19. Time to hop in the water.

20. Like father, like son.

21. The worst Christmas card ever.

22. Benjamin Button syndrome.

23. This is fabulous.

24. WHY? Just why?

25. What a cute nap! Wait…

26. This is a little too close for comfort.

27. Sandy beaches!

28. Even President Obama isn’t safe from face swaps.

(via Diply)

This is incredible. I hope no one does this with pictures of me and my friends, because it could lead to some pretty hilarious (but terrifying) results. I’m not man enough to find out!

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