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They Found A Stray Dog Covered In Tiny Bumps. What Caused Them Is Gut-Wrenching.

For those of us who love animals and have our own pets, it’s impossible to imagine what could possess a person to hurt them.

But unfortunately, new stories of animal abuse emerge daily with what seems like increasingly intense cruelty — like what happened to this poor dog. Honeybee was a stray living on the streets of Florida when rescuers found her and noticed bumps all over her body. When she was taken to a vet to be examined, an x-ray revealed something completely disturbing.

Nobody could catch her at first because she was so terrified of humans.

She was even more willing to swim away than be caught by her rescuers.

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When they finally managed to grab her, they felt bumps all over her body. One of her rescuers, Shauna Baur, decided to take her to a veterinarian to find out what they were.

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When the vet took an x-ray of her body, she found hundreds of shotgun pellets embedded in Honeybee’s body.

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What’s worse is that the vet is convinced that someone intentionally shot her.

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