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This Anti-Gravity Phone Case Could Change The Way We Do Just About Everything

Greetings, everyone who wants to punch people who use selfie sticks square in the face.

Good news. Mega Tiny Corporation created a phone case that could stop the unholy heathens who love selfie sticks in their tracks. If you have an iPhone, love using said iPhone for way more than texting, and think that making people walk through a sea of sticks at tourist attractions should be a considered a felony, then this invention is for you.

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Meet the anti-gravity phone case.

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Using something called nano-suction technology, this little guy can adhere to just about any surface.

If, for some God-forsaken reason, you feel like hanging your iPhone up in a subway station is a good idea, the anti-gravity case will help you do just that.

Girl, I just want to know why. Why are you doing this?

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This invention, which is the first of its kind, clings onto surfaces without being sticky because having a sticky phone would be the worst.

If you’re not an unapologetic narcissist like myself, the anti-gravity phone case is good for way more than staring into that technological pool and seeking validation from strangers online.

To see this baby in action, check out the video below. The possibilities are endless, people.

And no matter which iPhone you spent way too much money on, Mega Tiny Corporation has a case for you!

Okay, I need it. If you want to step your selfie game up or live a more hands-free life, you can grab an anti-gravity case for yourself here.

Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/anti-gravity-case/

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