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This Cat Can Come With You Wherever You Go — And It’ll Totally Freak People Out

We love cats, and we totally wish that we could bring our furry little pals around with us wherever we go…but this is just too much.

A Japanese woman named Pico creates plush purses that are shaped like cats — and they’re very, very realistic.

They just look too real, honestly.

The plush cats are entirely handmade, and each one is totally unique. Pico uses wool felt to create the realistic body shapes and furry textures. They also come with a strap and a zipper, so you can freak everyone out by reaching into what looks like your pet cat to pull out your wallet.

Pico is also the owner of two real cats, so she is surrounded by inspiration.

This will help you make a statement at your next party.

(We never said that the statement would be a good one.)

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While most are in the purse-shaped “catloaf” position, some, like this one, have legs — and hats.

Since the bags are so detailed, they take quite a while to make.

The artist does auction them off from time to time.

(via Laughing Squid)

To see more of Pico’s creations, check out her blog and Twitter. And for your next fancy gathering, consider slinging a cat around.*

*(Please do not actually engage in cat-slinging.)

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