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This Cat Lover Took A Normal Wicker Chest And Turned It Into Something Clever

Cats are smart, strange, independent creatures, and that’s exactly why we love them. Whether you have an 800-square-foot apartment or a sprawling house out in the country, cats make the perfect roommates. They don’t need to be entertained all day, but they’re also down for a good snuggle session.

That being said, there’s one not-so-nice thing about bringing cats into your home: the litter box. While it’s pretty great that you don’t have to take them outside 10 times a day to do their business, having to look at a litter box — especially if you’re living in close quarters — isn’t exactly ideal. That’s why this project is so great. Redditor THR33ZUS_BANGS came up with what he calls the Stealth Litter Box, and it effectively solves that pesky problem.

1. It started with a wicker chest. He didn’t know what to do with it, but when he looked at the cat box, he had an idea. Why not convert the chest into a litter box?

2. Aside from the chest, he gathered up some plywood for the base and door, the door itself, adhesive, velcro strips, and some crafting turf.

3. First, he cut the plywood to fit into the base of the chest.

4. He did the same for the door panel, and then cut another square out of that piece to accommodate the actual kitty door.

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5. He noticed that the frame was too wide for the plywood.

6. No problem! All he had to do was add a few more blocks of plywood to make up for the missing space.

7. Once the door panel was ready to go, he started working on the chest. First up was the door opening.

8. He placed the wood panel and door inside the chest and fitted them to the opening.

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9. For a little kitty comfort, he added some turf on the inside. He made sure to fasten it with velcro so that he could remove the turf and keep it clean.

10. After finishing the floor, he cut another strip of plywood that was the width of the lid to make a shelf. That way he could store everything he’d need when cleanup time rolled around.

He should probably put that sifter handle-up next time, but you get the idea.

Pretty nice, right? The cat gets some privacy, and the humans don’t have to deal with a big, clunky litter box killing their decor vibe.

Other Redditors have suggested that he add some plastic panels along the inside to avoid soaking the wicker if the cat sprays, so if you decide to try this out at home, keep that tip in mind. If your cat is older and has a harder time getting around, the door can be adjusted.

That’s the beauty of projects like this. You can easily tweak them to fit your needs!

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