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This Dad Made His Daughter A Bed That Even Sleeping Beauty Would Love

Every princess deserves a bed that’s made for a queen.

Kids are encouraged to believe that if they can dream it, they can achieve it. While boys and girls grow up wanting to be everything from race car drivers to astronauts, I dare you to name one little girl who didn’t secretly wish to be a princess at one point or another.

For Redditor Henryhooker, making his daughter’s dreams a reality was his ultimate goal. That’s why this princess bed is so special. If you want to see how you can make a bed that’s fit for your little princess, check out the tutorial below!

Before he could begin the build, Henryhooker sketched out a design that combined multiple pieces into one. His princess bed would also serve as a dresser and storage unit with a little crawlspace underneath.

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After that, he created a jig to make headboard and footboard assembly a little easier.

From there, he cut out the base of the bed.

He had the basic frame together in no time!

He then began working on the staircase leading up to the bed.

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As an added safety feature, the crafter created a little wall to keep his princess from getting hurt.

He cut shelving space into the side of the staircase for all of her storage needs!

Of course, the princess bed had to have a few personal touches.

He even included a set of pink LED lights to up the wow factor.

Once all of the pieces were cut and sanded down, it was time to paint.

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Talk about precious, right?

Everything was assembled once the paint dried.

Any royal would be jealous of this epic bed.

When Dad wants to read his favorite girl a bedtime story, he can choose a book from her vast collection!

And if you thought this setup looked cool during the day, you should check it out at night.

To pass this onto your little heirs, click here for full instructions.

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