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This Dog Was Scared And Starving When They Got To Her…But She Wasn’t Alone

In Los Angeles, thousands of stray dogs wander the streets each day. Many are starving, injured, or have been mistreated by humans. For them, a chance at a better life seems out of reach.

That is, until Hope for Paws shows up. Since 2008, Eldad and Audrey Hagar have been rescuing stray animals facing death or extreme danger. From physically taking them off the streets to fostering them in their own home until they can be adopted, the Hagars stop at nothing to save lives.

When Hope For Paws got a call about a stray doing living in a local nursery, they rushed to the scene. Immediately, they spotted the dog, but she wasn’t sure if she could trust the new humans.

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The dog, who they called Petunia, retreated to a safe spot under a truck. Her fur was matted and dirty. It looked like she’d been living as a stray for quite some time.

All of a sudden, Petunia seemed ready to bolt. Eldad quickly reached out and grabbed her paw.

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After a brief tussle, they were able to get a leash around Petunia’s neck. She was safe, but the story was far from over. She was lactating, meaning that there must’ve been puppies nearby.

Some workers joined in the search and quickly found something.

There in a pile leaves was a teeny-tiny puppy. She was no more than 48 hours old. The rescuers decided to name her Petals.

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Petals was reunited with her mom. When she knew her baby was safe, Petunia started to relax.

However, the rescuers were still worried. Most dogs have at least three to four puppies per litter. Could there have been more? If so, where were they hiding? They allowed Petunia to take the lead, hoping that she would take them to her other babies.

After nearly an hour of searching, the only spot Petunia led them to was the bed of leaves where they had found Petals. If there had been other puppies, they most likely either died or got carried off by other animals.

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It had been a long, hard day for Petunia and Petals. Finally, they got settled into their new foster home.

Petals was very hungry…

…and very sleepy!

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With all the love and support, Petals is growing like a weed! She and Petunia are still waiting to find their forever homes, but until then, they are safe with the Hagars.

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To see more of the incredible rescue, check out the video below.

If you’d like to adopt Petunia and Petals or want to know more about Hope For Paws, check out their website. Stories like these are great reminders of why it’s so important to adopt, not shop!

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